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New International TV Spot for 'Iron Man 3'

These things are coming out so often now, I'm not even sure if we've posted this already.

Twitter Leaks More Details On "The Flashpoint Paradox"

Director revealed and Reverse Flash/Professor Zoom has been cast for "The Flashpoint Paradox".

Official Announcement for Joe Abercrombie's Comic Adaptation to come Tomorrow

Teases trickle out for a possible Joe Abercrombie comic, with the official announcement coming soon.

Batman: Arkham Origins Coming This Fall

Batman will face Deathstroke in the new video game.

DC Comics Dominates Second Place on March Sales Charts

DC executives celebrated a massive second place victory in Diamond's March sales numbers.

Rick Pitino Uses Age of Ultron to Win Basketball Championship

The Louisville coach sabotaged his opponents by sending them copies of the Marvel event.

The First 'Man of Steel' TV Spot

Probably the first of many, but it's finally landed along with the official synopsis.

New 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Movie Poster and Stills

I've been sitting on these stills for a few days now (no, not literally) and since the new movie poster came out, here it all is.

First Look at '300: Rise of Empire'

300: Rise of Empire hopes to deliver both a new, yet familiar experience.

Fede Alavarez and Rodo Sayagues to Make Doctor Strange Movie for Marvel?

It is rumored that the Evil Dead director and writer are rumored to be working on a rumored Marvel project which is rumored to be Doctor Strange!

DC Comics Full Monthly Solicitations for July 2013

Creative teams are subject to change due to angry, last-minute creator walkoffs.

Vertigo Comics July 2013 Previews

Solicits and cover previews for July 2013

Two Generations Of British Writers Line-Up To Apologize To Margaret Thatcher’s Corpse

No one wants to be the last to say, "I’m sorry" for fear of being rounded up.

DC Comics July 2013 Previews

Solicits and cover previews for July 2013 - WILL BE UPDATED THROUGHOUT THE DAY

Die, Comixology, Die! Marvel to Destroy Digital Comics Once and For All

Failing to finish off the digital comics platform in their first attempt, Marvel hopes to finally get the job done starting April 11th.

ICYMI: Trinity War to Be Six Issue Crossover

DC announced that the event will be a three book crossover between the three Justice League titles.