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DC Shocker: Six Titles Cancelled

DC has cancelled over 10% of its New 52 Line

DC Scrapes Bottom of Barrel, Taps Brian Keene for Origin of Hordak Comic

Its probably not a good idea for the outhouse to pick on its only professional friend (in any industry - our readers don't have jobs), but really: He-Man?

Venture Brothers Season 5 Release Date Announced

When will Season Five of the Venture Brothers happen? It's earlier than you think!!! Though still some months away.

Eleven Year Old Boys Aroused by New Boobilicious Harley Quinn Action Figure

The toy plans to corner the "boys who just hit puberty in the last six months" market.

DC Says "Screw Print and Continuity", Will Publish Digital First Superman Series

Shockingly, the series has actually attracted fresh talent to the company.

Disney to Create Actual Star Wars Universe

The Outhouse trumps all other Star Wars rumors. Suck it, rest of the internet!

Tony Harris Bullies Internet Geek Community

The enraged writer attacked nerds on the internet via Twitter on Wednesday night.

Bruce Willis Commits Career Suicide, Supports Bill of Rights

Bruce Willis spoke out in support of the second amendment at a Die Hard promotional event, risking a political shitstorm

90's Alert: Teen Tony Returns to Iron Man

One more vestige of the 90s is returning to comics.

Dark Horse Makes Last Airbender Comics Available Through Digital Store

Onward into the digital age with Dark Horse comics and Avatar: The Last Airbender!

Grant Morrison On 'Action Comics' And 'Multiversity'

The writer discusses ending his 'Action Comics' run and teases more about his upcoming works 'Multiversity' and a 'Wonder Woman' project

AICN Accidentally Reveals Ridiculously Fluffy Nature of Comics Media with Amazing Spider-Man 2 Coverage

The funny thing is, their headline was almost word for word the one we were writing before we saw their article.

Disney Confirms Star Wars "Solo" Movies in Development

Disney has confirmed that "spin-off" films are in development.

Chris Pratt is Starlord in Guardians of the Galaxy Movie

The Zero Dark Thirty star will play Peter Quill.

Uncanny Avengers to Fight the Last Airbender in 2021

Marvel has revealed the cover to Uncanny Avengers #8

Valiant Preview: Bloodshot #8

Watch as Bloodshot faces off against an angry toddler throwing a temper tantrum!

Funko creating Domo Justice League

Funko is releasing Domo versions of their Pop Vinyl figures, starting with members of DC's Justice League.