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Man Of Steel News: Superman's Gal Pal, Jenny Olsen?

Could the classic Superman supporting character be gender-swapped in the upcoming 'Man Of Steel' movie?

All signs point to yes, say hello to Jenny Olsen!

Grand Theft Auto V Headed to PC?

The PC version of GTA V has been listed for preorder on the French version of

Kevin Feige Talks Iron Man 3

The president of Marvel Studios sat down with MTV News to talk about the next Iron Man movie.

The Walking Dead, Sneak Peak of Episode 3.09: The Suicide King

The Walking Dead season 3 continues on February 10th, but we have a sneak peak at the new episode and a pretty poor quality leak of a future trailer.

Will the Star Trek Abramsverse Address Klingon Appearance?

An upcoming IDW Star Trek comic will feature Klingons, not to mention we should be seeing them in Star Trek 2. But what will they look like?

Toby Jones BACK as Arnin Zola for Captain America; The Winter Soldier

Toby Jones has confirmed he'll be reprising his role of Armin Zola for the Captain America sequel.

Dexter's Rude Removal to Go Live Tuesday Afternoon

The controversial short will finally air at long last online this Tuesday during the afternoon.

First Look at Iron Man 3.75'" Line from Hasbro

Here's your first look at Hasbro's Iron Man 3 3.75" action figure line, nicknamed Assemblers.

Guest Voice Cast for TMNT Revealed

So who's going to guest star on the remaining Season One episodes of TMNT on Nickelodeon?

Neca's Django Unchained Line Halted

The action figures NECA had made for the smash hit movie, Django Unchained, have been discontinued.

DC's SUPERMAN FCBD Release Revealed

The issue also features a preview of the upcoming 'Man of Steel' series

LoganCrunching: Wolverine Numbers on Decline After Yearly High?

The number of times Wolverine was mentioned in the Marvel solicits is only 50 this month, down one from last month's high of 51.

Marvel Comics Full Monthly Solicitations for April 2013

Check out what's shipping from Marvel in April of 2013 with the monthly solicits! What's canceled? What ties into Age of Ultron? Read on to find out!

Skyrim Dragonborn DLC Release Date for PC and Release Info for all DLC on PS3

Are you a PC or PS3 player that has been salivating with the thought of getting your hands on the latest Skyrim DLC?

Francesco Francavilla to Fill In on Hawkeye

Francesco Francavilla will take over art duties on Hawkeye for issue #10 and #12, and we have absolutely nothing funny to say about it.