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Lost Teen Titans Go Short

Cartoon Network has released a new short of Teen Titans Go! while also promising new episodes WILL air in January 2013.

What Are You Watching on Primetime TV 11/18/2012?

The Outhouse's Primetime TV Poll for Sunday 11/18

What Are You Watching on Primetime TV 11/17/2012?

The Outhouse's Primetime TV Poll for Saturday 11/17

G.I. Joe Relaunch Details Revealed

IDW released some more information about the upcoming reboot of their G.I. Joe franchise with writer Fred Van Lente.

Marvel's Binary Teaser Decoded!

Marvel released a new teaser providing info on a major Marvel event for 2013 in binary code! We've got the translation!

Twilight Fans: Read This Before You Go See Breaking Dawn Part II

Deep introspective thought on the series as a whole including the books and movies before I hit the theatres.

Image Comics Teases Marvel With Also Uncanny Teaser

Stealing a joke that The Outhouse made up last month, Image Comics has released a fake Marvel NOW! teaser!

Hostess Closing; Fanboys To Lose 95% Of Diet

Jude Terror’s Diet Forces Hostess To Close Its Doors.

LEAKED: My Little Avengers Arena

With so many different departments, is it any wonder Marvel and Disney can’t keep a secret?

What Are You Watching on Primetime TV 11/16/2012?

The Outhouse's Primetime TV Poll for Friday 11/16

The Return of ROM: The Spaceknight?

It has been teased by Marvel many times before, but it appears the famous Spaceknight might finally be returning to comics or as a toy.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 Details Leaked

Newscasters are already talking about the 2016 Presidential election, so why not talk about the next Call of Duty game two days after Black Ops just launched.

Valiant Solicitations for February 2013

All kinds of great stuff coming from Valiant in February!

DC to Give False Hope to Steph Brown Fans Again with Lil' Gotham Thanksgiving

Batman: Lil' Gotham #2, the cartoonish digital series, will celebrate another holiday tomorrow by fooling fans of Stephanie Brown into thinking they'll finally see her in a comic.

Skyrim DLC: Dragonborn First Look

First Look if you don't count the Trailer I suppose. We have screen caps to offer a better look at the new DLC.