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Vertigo Fallout: Seaguy 3 Canceled, DC to Produce Army of Killer Robots?

Cameron 'Chicken Little' Stewart has joined the rest of the internet in fearing that the sky is falling now that Karen Berger has left Vertigo.

TV: What Are You Watching in Primetime 12/4/2012?

The Outhouse's Primetime TV Poll for Tuesday 12/4

Official "Man of Steel" Movie Poster?

Warner Brothers offered up a 'Man of Steel' Poster for the new Superman movie coming out next year.

How To Start the Dragonborn DLC

So, you're on XBox and ready to jump into the new DLC in a few hours? Here's how it pulls you in.

Karen Berger is Leaving DC

The editor will leave March 2013.

Bazooka Shocker: Longest-Running Comic Still Published in America is Canceled

The makers of Bazooka Joe bubble gum have decided to discontinue the comic strip that has come with the rock-hard gum since 1953.

Columbia Casts Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn in Amazing Spider-Man 2

DeHaan will compete with Andrew Garfield for title of sexist twink in the Amazing Spider-Man cast.

Mortal Kombat Legacy 2 to Debut in Late 2013

The date on when the second season of the web series, Mortal Kombat: Legacy has been announced along with the cast for it.

Newsarama: Breaking Free from the Shackles of The Man?

In an unprecedented act of defiance, Newsarama gave a 2/10 review score to a Marvel NOW! book for which they received an advance review copy.

Justice League Movie Villain Revealed

Want to know who the bad guy in Justice League will be? Read on to find out.

Movie Poster for: "Star Trek Into Darkness" Released

Posted on twitter today, a new official movie poster for the next Trek flick.

Dragonborn PS3 and PC Release Date Announced

Well, huge news for PS3 fans, same news as before for PC fans.

Fans Lament as Star Wars Special Edition and Prequel Producer Leaves Lucasfilm

Rick McCallum is leaving Lucasfilm to focus on ruining independent films of his own.

TV: What Are You Watching in Primetime 12/3/2012?

The Outhouse's Primetime TV Poll for Monday 12/3

Adult Swim WILL Air Dexter's Rude Removal

The lost episode of Dexter's Laboratory will be shown on Adult Swim.

TV: What Are You Watching in Primetime 12/2/2012?

The Outhouse's Primetime TV Poll for Sunday 12/2