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Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn't Help Peter David

Going against the grain as usual, The Outhouse presents ten reasons why you shouldn't help Peter David as he recovers from his stroke.

New Crusaders: Dark Tomorrow Variants

Archie Comics announces a May launch for New Crusaders: 'Dark Tomorrow' 6-issue limited series

Take a Look at Chris Ware's New Yorker Cover Based on the Newtown Shootings

The Building Stories writer/artist shares his thoughts on how he arrived at his cover design for the new issue.

Dr. Seuss Writing a 'Doctor Who' Story? It's Possible, And Here's Why

Can you imagine "Cat in the Hat" creator Theodor Seuss Geisel penning a Doctor Who story? What a great meeting of fandoms that would be!

DC Nation Reminder and New Promos

DC Nation returns this Saturday with new episodes of Young Justice and Green Lantern.

Partial Settlement Reached in Smallville Lawsuit

Warner Bros. has made a deal to settle part of the lawsuit over the television show Smallville.

Catcrunching: Exposing the Dirty Double Standard in the Comic Industry

ThanosCopter takes a look at the stunning lack of cats representation in the comic book industry.

Exclusive: Sam Humphries Makes Shocking Revelation about Ultimate Comics on Robot6

The writer made some bold claims about Marvel's Ultimate Universe over on CBR's Robot6 blog, which was reported by Bleeding Cool and is now being featured in this exclusive Outhouse article!

OP/ED: Some Things We Don't Want to See in 2013

ThanosCopter writes a fluff article with no point in order to pad our hit count, just like another website we know.

Jeff Lemire Hints at Teen Titans Series?

The writer has been hinting at a new DC series.

Joseph Gordon Levitt to Ruin Another Superhero Movie

The actor has been attached to the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Rob Liefeld Begins Cycle Anew, Prepares for Marvel Return

The superstar artist bashes DC and praises Marvel in his 2012 year in review.

War of the Scotts: Snyder Gets Lobdell Fired From Red Hood and the Outlaws?

Rumor has it Scott Snyder lackey James Tynion IV Esquire will take over Red Hood and the Outlaws with issue #18.