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Bendis and Irving Prepare a Revolution!

Not really. It's just a teaser for Uncanny X-Men.

Jurassic Park To Open In 2014

Meaning, there will be a new movie in 2014.

Charles Soule Announced as New Swamp Thing Writer

The writer of such books as 27 and Strange Attractors is taking over Swamp Thing with issue #19

Munchkinland Rejoices as Scott Lobdell Leaves Red Hood and the Outlaws

The dimunitive residents of Oz rejoiced upon hearing that Lobdell would be replaced by James Tynion.

Tumblr Bloggers Highly Upset at Latest Avengers Arena Teaser - SPOILERS

The latest Marvel NOW! "to be continued" teaser showcases Avengers Arena, pisses off 13 year olds on Tumblr demographic.

The Outhouse Creates Petition for Government Action against The Big Bang Theory

The Outhouse has started a petition to force The Big Bang Theory to be more funny.

Game Informer Covers Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Lego Marvel Super Heroes makes the cover of Game Informer, plus a video.

Big Bang Theory Ignores Righteous Indignation of Fans, Airs Sexist Episode Anyway

Ignoring the protests of comic book fans and other killjoys, The Big Bang Theory aired an episode tonight with a controversial joke about women and comics.

Marvel's Journey Into Mystery Teaser Offensive to Fat Bastards

Marvel has released a teaser for Journey Into Mystery which makes fat people feel bad.

Superman Copyright Case Over?

DC appears to have won the Superman copyright case. The Outhouse offers a highly complex and detailed legal explanation.

Boycott Hits Django Unchained Action Figures

The action figure line that NECA has produced for the movie Django Unchained has sparked controversy.

Full 2013 Oscar Nominations

Here's the full list of nominees.

More Monsters for Legendary's Godzilla

Legendary Pictures appears to be taking it's cue and delivering an all out monster attack for their Godzilla film.

HBO confirms Game of Thrones Season 3 Writers and Directors

Find out who exactly is writing and directing each episode as we await the premier of Game of Thrones on March 31st.

The 2013 People's Choice Awards Winners

To those that think all these award shows are just popularity contests - this one actually is actually meant to be and here are the winners.