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War of the Scotts: Snyder Gets Lobdell Fired From Red Hood and the Outlaws?

Rumor has it Scott Snyder lackey James Tynion IV Esquire will take over Red Hood and the Outlaws with issue #18.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode 100

The animated show reaches 100 episodes this week.

Amazing Spider-Man #700 Reprint Teaches Us How to Be Better People

Marvel has revealed the variant cover for the second printing of Amazing Spider-Man #700, and taught us all a lesson in the process.

Rich Johnston Keeping Secret That Could Shut Down Marvel or DC (Worse Than Pedophilia) (UPDATED)

In an attempt to secure victory in The Outhouse's Comic Industrialist of the Year Award, Bleeding Cool's Rich Johnston has claimed that he knows a secret about a Marvel or DC executive that could...

Get Well Soon, Peter David

Superstar writer Peter David suffered a stroke over the weekend.

Possible Character Info on Justice League Movie

Information has possibly surfaced of just who will be appearing in the Justice League movie set for 2015.

Munsters Reboot is Alive! Aliiiive!!! No, It's Dead.

NBC cancels Mockingbird Lane, proposed remake of The Munsters, after airing only pilot.

John Cassaday Finally Draws Uncanny Avengers #3; Fill In Artist Still On Deck

Uncanny Avengers #3 will ship in January, allowing John Cassaday to keep his job for another three months. We've got a first look right here!

Britney Spears' Cooks Up Comic Book Credit Card Caper

Christopher Federline (brother of K-Fed) claims Spears stole credit card to buy thousands of dollars of comics.

A Holiday Message From Iron Man

Tony Stark Tweeted a holiday message for all...

Yamato Not Sunk Yet? [Small Update]

It looks like the U.S. live-action version of Yamato may still be alive.

Your First Look at Hong Kong Phooey

Supposedly a video of the title character has been leaked online and a test reel of a shelved Marvin the Martian movie.

What Are You Buying 1/2/2013?

New year = new comics! Youngbood #75 (WTF?) and Morbius #1 (WTF?)

Dan Slott Blocks Marvel After Press Release Spoils Amazing Spider-Man #700

The superstar writer makes good on his promise to unfriend anyone who spoils the final issue of Amazing Spider-Man. SPOILERS WITHIN!!!

Toonami Supernova Megamix

A gift for the fans from the creative team behind Toonami.

Outhouse to Change Slogan After Deplorable Actions of Rich Johnston

In light of recent actions by Bleeding Cool's Rich Johnston, The Outhouse introduces a new slogan.

DC Burns Steph Brown Fans Again; Gail Simone to Write Barbara Gordon Batgirl

Christmas came early for people who enjoy the misfortune of fans of toxic Batgirl Stephanie Brown.