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SDCC: Dredd 3D Red Band Trailer

Red Band Trailer to Dredd 3D.

SDCC 2012 Street Fighter X Sanrio?

Move over Street Fighter X Tekken, a new challenger appears!Okay maybe not so new,, Sanrio did announce a collaboration between themselves and Capcom in July of 2011, but now the whole gang is...

SDCC 2012 Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist Live Action TV Series

Street Fighter video game producer Yoshinori Ono announced a new television series, based on the Capcom video game "Street Fighter" property at San Diego Comic-con Thursday.

SDCC: Terry Moore Returns to Strangers in Paradise

Terry Moore is writing a new Strangers in Paradise...novel?!

SDCC 2012 Marvel's Next Big Thing Panel

The Marvel Next Big Thing panel was a showcase for upcoming plans for several titles at Marvel.

SDCC: IDW Announces More Awesome Artist's Editions That Will Be Awesome

Gil Kane, and Mark Schultz are all deservedly getting the beautiful Artist's Editon treatment!

SDCC: Lionsgate TV Gets Into Porn Busness; Wins Rights to Zenoscope's Wonderland

Lionsgate has defeated all challengers in a bidding war for Zenoscope's Wonderland property, and will be brining the series to to television.

SDCC: Marvel to Publish Red She-Hulk Series

Marvel announced the series during its Next Big Thing Panel.

SDCC: Chris Columbus to Produce Movie Based on Creepy Magazine

The Harry Potter director will also direct a portion of the film.

SDCC: The Trailer for Sam Raimi's Oz The Great and Powerful

Sam Raimi's Oz The Great and Powerful has debuted at Comc-Con

SDCC: DC Entertainment NOW! Panel

Check out what's happening at DC now!  (Not to be confused with what's happening with DC NOW!, the upcoming reboot.)

SDCC 2012 Marvel House of Ideas Panel

Well, at least they did not title it the "House of New Ideas Panel"…

Marvel's "House of Ideas" panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2012 was rundown of their digital offerings.