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Dennis Haysbert to Replace Michael Clarke Duncan in Sin City 2

Haysbert will replace Duncan as Manute in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

Geoff Johns, Matt Kindt to Write Martian Manhunter Backup in JLA

Former Frankenstein and Mind MGMT writer Matt Kindt joins Geoff Johns on Martian Manhunter backup in Justice League of America.

Arrow Annotations - "Vendetta"

A look at all the easter eggs found in last night's episode.

Stop What You're Doing And Watch The Star Trek Trailer!

Hey, look at that, a Star Trek Into Darkness trailer.

TV: What Are You Watching in Primetime 12/6/2012?

The Outhouse's Primetime TV Poll for Thursday 12/6

Creator Owned Heroes Cancelled

The Image Comics series created by Jimmy Palmiotti, Steve Niles and Justin Grey will end in January with issue #8.

Tensions Flare in Blog War Between The Outhouse and The Beat

After The Beat published an article ripping off The Outhouse's signature satirical style, The Outhouse has vowed to copy The Beat's penchant for responsible, award-winning journalism.

Andy Kubert Guest Penciler Batman #18

Batman #18 features guest artists: Penciler Andy Kubert and Inker Sandra Hope.

Hospitals Flooded by Victims of Amazing Spider-Man #699

The comic book is producing mass bouts of spontaneous vomiting.

The End is Nigh? DC Changes Voice Mail System

Bleeding Cool is reporting on the latest nail in DC's coffin.

TV: What Are You Watching in Primetime 12/5/2012?

The Outhouse's Primetime TV Poll for Wednesday 12/5

Image Comics Combats Fiscal Cliff with Three Second Printings

Blackacre #1, I Love Trouble #1, and Great Pacific #2 will all receive second printings, all part of Image Comics plan to save the country from a second Great Depression.

Hey You! Watch this Trailer for Avengers #1

We've got a trailer for Jonathan Hickman and Jerome Opena's Avengers #1, in stores today from Marvel Comics!

Super Best Friends Forever Not Renewed

The cartoon short starring Supergirl, Batgirl, and Wonder Girl has not been renewed for another batch of shorts.

The End is Nigh - DC Comics Having "Meetings" Today

The beleaguered comics publisher is holding meetings all day, leading many to fear the worst.

Vertigo Fallout: Seaguy 3 Canceled, DC to Produce Army of Killer Robots?

Cameron 'Chicken Little' Stewart has joined the rest of the internet in fearing that the sky is falling now that Karen Berger has left Vertigo.

TV: What Are You Watching in Primetime 12/4/2012?

The Outhouse's Primetime TV Poll for Tuesday 12/4