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Movie Poster for: "Star Trek Into Darkness" Released

Posted on twitter today, a new official movie poster for the next Trek flick.

Dragonborn PS3 and PC Release Date Announced

Well, huge news for PS3 fans, same news as before for PC fans.

Fans Lament as Star Wars Special Edition and Prequel Producer Leaves Lucasfilm

Rick McCallum is leaving Lucasfilm to focus on ruining independent films of his own.

TV: What Are You Watching in Primetime 12/3/2012?

The Outhouse's Primetime TV Poll for Monday 12/3

Adult Swim WILL Air Dexter's Rude Removal

The lost episode of Dexter's Laboratory will be shown on Adult Swim.

TV: What Are You Watching in Primetime 12/2/2012?

The Outhouse's Primetime TV Poll for Sunday 12/2

Can The Super Friends Save…Christmas?

Santa Claus has gone missing and it’s up to the Super Friends to track him down before his big day.

What Are You Watching in Primetime 12/1/2012?

The Outhouse's Primetime TV Poll for Saturday 12/1

Adult Swim Teases Lost Episode of Dexter's Laboratory

Adult Swim is teasing they have the lost episode of Dexter's Laboratory. Yes, the series had a lost episode. Click on to learn the history of it.

Top Shelf Announces New League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Material!

Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's Captain Nemo spin-off is on the horizon! Plus: Superf*ckers, the animated series!

Exclusive: First Draft of James Gunn Superhero Sex Blog Apology Revealed

In retrospect, it looks like Gunn made the right choice in rewriting his apology.

Manu Bennett is Deathstroke on Arrow

The Spartacus star has been cast as Slade Wilson on the CW show.

Warner Bros. and CW Casting Wonder Woman for Amazon TV Show

Are you a 5'8" female in your early to mid-twenties (probably not, if you are reading this website)?

James Gunn Apologizes, Gives Hit Seeking Websites One More Opportunity to Say "Superhero Sex Blog" in Title

Site runners will no longer be able to use the search engine friendly phrase in the titles of quickly written news articles.

Checking Out Dara Naraghi's Persia Blues Kickstarter Campaign Could Lead You to Winning Free Stuff

The Outhouse is joining Dara in helping run a fun contest to help promote his new Kickstarter!

What Are You Watching in Primetime 11/30/2012?

The Outhouse's Primetime TV Poll for Friday 11/30

James Tynion IV talks "Talon"

Tynion describes his take on Calvin Rose and teases what to expect in future issues.