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iPhone 5 Sold Out at Diamond, Goes Back to Press for Second Printing

Apple's new iPhone sold out less than an hour after pre-orders became available.

Marvel NOW! is Superior, Too.

Another teaser, this time with no creative teams or anything.

Alberto Ponticelli joins DIAL H as new artist

DC Blog announces Alberto Ponticelli as new DIAL H artist

Hopeless Starting "Cable and X-Force" Series

The new series will feature a number of X-Men

Godzilla Release Date Announced

The movie will come out May 16, 2014.

DC Announces Human Bomb Miniseries

Like the previous two Freedom Fighters miniseries, the new comic will be written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti.

Digital Comics Worth Your Dollar: The Sixth Gun

Accept and embrace the future. Start your digital comic library by pulling the trigger on The Sixth Gun sale!

Halloween to be Re-Released and Poster for Event Revealed *UPDATE*

John Carpenter's horror classic is returning to theaters. To celebrate, here's the brand new poster for the re-release.

Marvel Kills All Suspense for AvX with AvX: Consequences #1 Cover Reveal (SPOILERS)

Were you wondering whether Cyclops would be defeated in Avengers vs. X-Men #1? Wonder no longer.

Marvel Announces Avengers Arena Series

The company plans to blatantly rip off Battle Royale in a new series.

Aquaman and Justice League are Crossing Over in 'Throne of Atlantis'

The two series, both written by Geoff Johns, will crossover in December.

"Fun Home" Musical Hopes to Avoid Pratfalls of "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark"

The new musical, set to debut next month, chose not to have Bono compose music for the performance.

DC Comics Announces JSA: Liberty Files Sequel

The sequel to the popular Elseworlds miniseries will be written by B. Clay Moore.

Nintendo Wii U Priced And Dated

Nintendo's Wii U gaming console has been given two prices and a release date -- for Japan. UPDATED with USA and Europe information.

Rogers Forgets To Get His Hair Cut In Captain America #2

Marvel gave readers a peek at Captain America #2, and it looks like it only took two months before Cap let himself go.

Fantastic Four #2 And FF #2 First Look

Descriptions and covers for Fantastic Four #2 and FF #2 are now available for your viewing.

Green Lantern "Baz" Action Figure Victim of Racial Profiling

DC has released a new Green Lantern action figure, and its treatment has exposed rampant racism in the toy retail industry.