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BroNYcon Summer 2012: Recollections from the Show Floor (Sunday)

BroNYcon rolls on to it's second and last day. Could Sunday ever hope to reach the highs of Saturday? Click the link to find out.

Ghostbusters 3 Gets New Writers

The Office scribes Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky are out, and an as-yet-unrevealed new team is in, according to disgraced actor Dan Aykroyd.

Avengers Beats Amazing Spider-Man Opening Weekend Box Office Next Monday

Amazing Spider-Man is not expected to top The Avengers' opening weekend box office gross.

SDCC 2012: The Avengers Item 47 One-Shot

Entertainment Weekly (aka. EW) strikes again, this time featuring news about a new Marvel One-Shot movie that will be shown at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) this year. 

Adi Granov Covers HAWKEYE #1!

Happy fun variant cover time!

SDCC: Jeph Loeb to Crush Fans Hopes and Dreams at Marvel Animation Panel

Loeb will rub salt in the wounds of Earth's Mightiest Heroes fans at the Marvel Animation Presents panel at San Diego Comic Con as Avengers Assemble is revealed!

Worlds' Finest #3

"Death in the skies above Tokyo"

Trailer: Jack Reacher

In which Tom Cruise brings author Lee Child's character to life.

Batwoman and Wonder Woman to Team Up, No Hint of Juicy Lesbian Action

Batwoman and Wonder Woman will get together, in a business sense, not personal, in Batwoman #13.

Who is the Third Army?

DC reveals the Third Army!

Marvel Reevolution: Call it a Relaunch and We'll Stab You

Even more details emerge about the Marvel NOW! initiative.

The Marvel Relaunch Takes Shape

Warning...a new Marvel Universe approaches!

BroNYcon Summer 2012: Recollections from the Show Floor (Saturday)

Now that BroNYcon is over, all that's left is the reporting. Join us The Outhouse as SilverPhoenix begins a MASSIVE wave of coverage with his recolletions of the first day.

True Blood Renewed for Sixth Season

Good newsfor fans of Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd's sexy torso - True Blood has been renewed for a sixth season!

Marvel to Reveal Origin of Thanos in Thanos: Son of Titan

As part of the effort to make sure everybody is sick of Thanos by the time Avengers 2 hits movie screens, Marvel will be releasing a new mini-series dealing with his origin.

Wolverine Max - Finally, Another Wolverine Book!

Wolverine Max by Jason Starr is due out in October from Marvel Comics.