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RIP Chris Marker

The film great has died at age 91.

Has Marvel Bought Image's Invincible?

Probably not, but they certainly had a misleading teaser this morning.

The Wolverine Has Begun Filming

Hugh Jackman confirmed that the new X-film has begun to shoot.

JMS Talks Trash About Marvel

In the "dog bites man" news of the week, J. Michael Straczynski was talking some trash in a recent interview.

Step Up Revolution Gets Served by Dark Knight Rises at the Box Office

Christopher Nolan's final Batman movie took in $64 million domestically this weekend.

P.E.D.O.S. Rally to Support Cassandra Cain

Passionate Enthusiasts Dedicated Only to Stephanie expand their efforts to bring back another Batgirl: Cassandra Cain.

Action Comcs #12 Variant Covers

Variant covers to Action Comics #12

Dear Marvel: Stephen Wacker And Cullen Bunn Like Us And So Should You

Marvel great Stephen Wacker and rising superstar writer Cullen Bunn launch a Twitter campaign for the Outhouse to get more access to the House of Ideas.

CW Wants BR On TV

The CW is reportedly in talks to bring "Battle Royale" to American TV as a series.

"Beware The Batman" Toned Down By Warner Bros

Warner Bros makes changes to the upcoming animated series

Cloud Atlas Extended First Look

Extended First Look trailer for sci-fi drama "Cloud Atlas"

Marvel Cancels Thanos: Son of Titan - Let the Panic and Speculation Begin!

The unexpected cancelation of Thanos: Son of Titan casts a shadow of uncertainty over the entire future of the comic book industry!

Grant Morrison Tackles Stephgate

Watchmen writer, Grant Morrison, jumps into Stephgate.

Archie Comics: Marvel and DC Scare Children

Archie comics has been talking some trash about Marvel DC. Oooohhh! Fight! Fight!

Thousands Of Africans Die Of Starvation To Feed Mcfarlane's Ego

Over 600,000 American dollars spent on a cover to a comic book. Six Hundred Thousand Dollars on a comic book cover!

Can Gambit's Bare Butt Propel Sales?

According to an interview with writer James Asmus, it will.

Comics Accelerator Strives to be a Kickstarter for Comics

The new website hopes to provide would-be creators with crowdfunding.