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Venom Takes on Eunuch Menace in this First Look at Venom #23

Venom's first mission as a Secret Avenger pits the symbiote soldier against a new kind of villain.

Cloud Atlas International Trailer

See the almost six-minute trailer for the upcoming adaptation of the 2004 David Mitchell novel directed by the Wachowskis.

AvX Shocker: Phoenix Five Spells [CENSORED]

The Internet is an amazing place sometimes.

Mark Millar Gets Bitten by a Spider

No word if he plans to incorporate the experience into a new comic book.

DCnU Shocker: Trinity War will be a Crossover Event

Didio confirmed the shocking news in an ICv2 interview.

The Riddler to Appear in Snyder's Batman in 2013

Snyder responded positively to questions about the missing Batman villain.

GI Joe Renegades Blu Ray is Better Than Nothing

SHOUT! Factory will release the first (and only) season of GI Joe Renegades on Blu Ray on September 25.

Zenescope Releases Comic with No Boobs on Cover

The Outhouse was shocked to receive this press release for Grimm Fairy Tales spinoff Sleepy Hollow as the cover image featured no scantily clad women with giant breasts.

Chris Sprouse announces new Tom Strong Story

Though America's Best Comics has long been a memory, Tom Strong is getting a new lease on life thanks to his signature artist.

All Winners Squad Pilot And Media

Marvel revealed the pilot episode of the All Winners Squad today along with some fresh media of the team!

DeMarco Teases New Updates to Toonami

Possible updates to Toonami are teased by Cartoon Network.

Roger Stern Writes One "Final" Spider-Man Story

Legendary comic writer Roger Stern revealed today that he will be dishing out one "final" Spider-Man story.

First Look at Mike Allred's Daredevil #17 Reveals Shocking Truths About Comics Industry

Nepotism abounds at Marvel as both Mike and Laura Allred join Mark Waid for Daredevil #17!

The Equalizer Gets Blackwashed!

Denzel Washington will play The Equalizer in the upcoming movie adaptation.

Is Avengers Assemble #7 Marvel's Thanos XXX?

Marvel has sent out a press release indicating that the Mad Titan will be taking his relationship with the Avengers to a new level.