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First Look at Mike Allred's Daredevil #17 Reveals Shocking Truths About Comics Industry

Nepotism abounds at Marvel as both Mike and Laura Allred join Mark Waid for Daredevil #17!

The Equalizer Gets Blackwashed!

Denzel Washington will play The Equalizer in the upcoming movie adaptation.

Is Avengers Assemble #7 Marvel's Thanos XXX?

Marvel has sent out a press release indicating that the Mad Titan will be taking his relationship with the Avengers to a new level.

Debate Rages about Total Recall's Katelyn Leeb and Her Three Breasts

Fanboys asked Total Recall actress Kaitlyn Leeb if her third boob was real.

Valiant Teaser: Shadows Fall This November

What the hell is this teaser from Valiant about? Something about Shadows...

Dark Knight Rises Posts $160MM Opening Weekend

The Batman movie posted the third highest opening weekend of all time, behind the Avengers and the final Harry Potter movie.

Morrison Done With Superhero Comics

Grant Morrison, who will end his runs on Action Comics by issue #16 and Batman Inc. by issue #12, may be finished with superheroes in general for a while.

First Look at Captain Marvel #2

Get a first look at the second issue of the new hit Captain Marvel series from Marvel Comics!

Dreamworks Buys He-Man, Voltron, and Other Classic Cartoons

Dreamworks has purchased Classic Media for $155 million, gaining the rights to He-Man, Voltron, and other classic cartoons!

Superman #11 Preview

Secret of the suit revealed !

Christopher Nolan Releases Statement About Aurora Tragedy

The director of The Dark Knight Rises expresses his dismay over what happened last night in Colorado

AMC Theaters Bans Costumes At Movie Screenings

The massive theater change has banned masks and costumes from theaters in the wake of the Colorado tragedy.

Will Warner Bros. Pull The Dark Knight Rises From Theaters?

Warner Bros. is reportedly considering pulling The Dark Knight Rises from movie theaters after the tragic events that occurred this morning.

Start Taking Drugs Now to Get Ready for Morrison and Robertson's Happy in September

The Outhouse advises anyone looking forward to Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson's Happy to start on a two month bender as soon as possible so they can reap maximum possible enjoyment from the...

Starlord will Shape the Future of Marvel NOW!

The last character to be revealed in the Marvel NOW! Point One teasers is Starlord!