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Hollywood Officially Out of Ideas, Bloodstrike in Movie Development

Hollywood is officially out of ideas as Rob Liefeld's Bloodstrike is being adapted for film.

Justice League #0 Variant Covers

Variant covers for Justice League #0

Jim Carrey Befuddled Over Offer to Join Kick-Ass 2 Cast

The acclaimed actor is having trouble understanding why producers would want him to play a supporting role in Kick-Ass 2.

Warner Bros. Passes on Dark Tower

Warner Bros. has decided to pass on Ron Howard's Dark Tower adaptation, though MRC is now in talks to take over.

Stevie's Choice: The Decision That Will Change the Ultimate Universe Forever

OMFG Captain America's decision will change everything forever!!!11 FOREVER! Marvel means it this time!!!


Irrational Fanboy: Remender has been fired off of Uncanny X-Force!

Everyone Else: *rolls eyes*

Robert Kirkman Plans Foreboding Centennial Celebration for Kentucky Town

The Walking Dead creator promises that nothing will ever be the same after the centennial event.

Bleeding Cool To Brag About These Rumors Next Week: GoTG, Nova, Aquaman

Bendis and Larocca on Guardians of the Galaxy? Loeb and McGuinness on Nova? Johns off Aquaman? Direct your unique hits right here, internet!

Expendables 2 Opens to Nostalgic $28 Million

The Expendables 2 either underperformed, or performed spectacularly, depending on what decade it is.

Gunn to Direct Guardians of the Galaxy

Wrestler Billy Gunn has been selected by Marvel to direct the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Savage Hawkman #12 Preview

Find out the connection between the Kherubims, Daemonites, and Thanagar !

Fury Of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #12 Preview

What happens when a Zithertech-Sanctioned Firestorm loses control of their Protocols ?

Marvel XP Mobile Intiative

Marvel teases Marvel XP, a new mobile game.

Uncanny Avengers Launch Parties!

Marvel is promoting the launch of Marvel NOW! Uncanny Avengers #1 by offering Uncanny Avengers Party Kits to retailers.

The Daleks Endorse the Outhouse

Stephanie Brown fans, Browncoats, Newsarama, and Dan Didio may loathe us. You know who's isn't mad at the Outhousers? DALEKS!!! In fact, they DEMAND YOU KEEP READING!! OR ELSE...