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Image Rips Off Marvel, Plans on Killing Redhead

Image revealed its plans to kill off a redheaded female character in a teaser revealed today.

Pro-Cyclops Retailer Perplexed by Rapid Decline in Sales

The owner of the Cyclopsorama in Indianopolis doesn’t understand why people seem to hate his store.

Guardians of the Galaxy Synopsis Revealed!

The Internet has discovered a one sentence description of the movie. Ready to go nuts!

Marvel Teases Something Massive

Marvel puts online a single image and a headline that reads "Something Massive is Coming to Mobile".


The stars of WWE will appear in an animated Scooby-Doo feature.

Daredevil Movie Rights Probably Going Back to Marvel

Will they or won't they?! Maybe. Probably. We guess.

Marvel Comics Full Monthly Solicitations for November 2012

Find out what's shipping from Marvel Comics in November, 2012!

Avengers Academy Cancelled

The series is being cancelled, presumably to make way for a new Avengers kids series.

Avengers vs. X-Men #10 is In Stores Today

Did you know there was a big Marvel Comics event going on? Let us remind you!

Raiders of the Lost Ark Getting Imax Rerelease; Fanboys Outraged

The iconic, first Indiana Jones movie will be seen on big screens to build hype for the Blu Ray release... and fans will hate it.

If Joe Carnahan Directs a Daredevil Movie, it Might Look Like This

The Smokin' Aces director released a sizzle reel to show off what his Daredevil adaptation might look like.

Spider-Man Rides The Beast

Spider-Man shows signs of a bestiality fetish in this promotional image for A+X #2.

Quesada Squashes The Avengers

Joe Quesada provides a variant cover for Avengers Assemble #9.

Is DC About to Screw Over Aquaman Fans by Yanking Ivan Reis?

DC may swap out Jim Lee for Ivan Reis on Justice League.

Gamescom 2012 - Sony

News and announcements from this years Gamescom press conference for Sony.

Gamescom 2012 - EA

Video Game presser: Gamescom news and announements from Electronic Arts.

Journey Into Mystery Focuses on Lady Sif, Loses Tumblr Support

With new Journey Into Mystery writer Kathryn Immonen shifting the focus from Kid Loki to Sif, will the book be able to maintain its mildly creepy Tumblr following?