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A Familiar Face Shows Up On Green Lantern: The Animated Series

With the second half of Green Lantern: The Animated Series Season 1 on the horizon.

Did You Know Robert Kirkman Writes for TV, Oh, BTW, Check Out This New Series Clone

Robert Kirkman brags about his TV connections while promoting Skybound's new series Clone.

Dark Horse Teaser: Hellboy in Hell!

Dark Horse sent out this teaser advertising the triumphant return of Hellboy!

New Batman Game featuring Justice League in Works by Makers of Arkham City

Rocksteady, the makers of the hit game: Arkham City, developing a Batman game that will feature some of the Justice League members.

Marvel and Russell Athletics Plan to Replace College Mascots

Marvel is teaming up with various NCAA schools to make money!

Power Rangers Invade San Diego Comic Con

It's a veritable cornucopia of Power Rangers stuff at San Diego Comic Con, if you're into that sort of thing.

Etan Cohen to Write Ghostbuster 3 Script That Bill Murray Will Probably Reject

Etan Cohen has been tapped as the new writer for the long-awaited Ghostbusters 3, but will his script meet the ridiculous expectations of Bill Murray?

Black Ops 2 Villain Trailer

The newest Black Ops 2 trailer has hit today and it focuses on the villain of the story and gives fan a sense for the direciton this game will take.

Bryan Hitch Variant to Batman #12

Bryan Hitch variant covers to Batman #12

Batman #11 Preview

The Fall of The House of Wayne !

Twilight Fan Killed in Line to SDCC

A fan was struck by a car today while trying to maintain her spot in line.

The Walking Dead #100 Death Odds and Speculation

We guess who's about to bite it in tomorrow's landmark issue.

Mega Man/Sonic: When Worlds Collide

We were teased yesterday with it, now Archie Comics reveals their crossover event Mega Man/Sonic the Hedgehog: When World's Collide!

Listen to the Dark Knight Rises Score

Though it's still a week away from actually owning it, Empire has the entire The Dark Knight Rises Score up.. for FREE!

Dexter Comic: Marvel Unleashes their answer to the Dark Knight

Wait for it... wait for it... It's the closest we're likely to get to a Marvel Comics Batman!