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CBR, Can We Come on Your Yacht at San Diego Comic Con?

The Outhouse would like to join CBR on their 48 foot yacht at San Diego Comic Con. Please?

Walking Dead Spoilers: Lucille is Coming

Lucille is totally coming to the Walking Dead, people!

New Stan Lee Video Game (Also Starring The Amazing Spider-Man)

Stan Lee will be a playable character in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man video game.

Transformers Prime – One Shall Stand: On DVD July 31

Optimus Prime and Unicron take center stage in this massive mega-story from Transformers: Prime!

Mimoco and Cartoon Network release Adventure Time X MIMOBOT® Series

Now you can get your own flash drive based on characters from the best cartoon in the world, Adventure Time!

An Update on the Robert Washington Funeral Campaign

A few things to note about the efforts to properly bury one of the industry's own.

Stan Lee Outsources Superheroes to China

Stan Lee prepares to demolish China with his almighty rage!

One Final The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

Warner Brothers have given us the final trailer for The Dark Knight Rises!!

Transformers Animated is Coming to the Hub!!

Oh plus the much maligned G.I. Joe: Sigma Six too!

Scott Snyder on Batman #0 and a new upcoming storyline

Scott Snyder teases Batman #0 and the next major story-line after Zero Month.

Bleeding Cool Reveals that Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes Has NOT Been Cancelled (Yet)

Bleeding Cool exposes a fake website using fake news to spread slanders about Marvel animation.

Dan Harmon Dissed at Critics Choice TV Awards

The former Community showrunner was not invited to the awards where Community won Best Comedy Series.

Hans Gruber Handling Man of Steel Musical Score

The Die Hard villain will be composing the music for Zack Snyder's upcoming Superman movie.

Paolo Rivera No Longer Marvel Exclusive

The Daredevil artist ends his run on Daredevil along with his Marvel exclusivity after ten years.

Dark Horse's "Massive Twit Pic Contest" Could End Badly

It's not what you think! Dark Horse's new twitter contest offers winners signed copies of a print from Brian Wood's The Massive.