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SDCC: Thor 2: The Dark World Announced

Breaking news out of San Diego Comic Con! Thor 2 finally gets a title!

SDCC: Star Wars The Clone Wars Panel

So what do the cards hold for Season Five of Star Wars the Clone Wars? Find out at the SDCC panel which tells all!

SDCC: Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Confirmed

The movie was confirmed during SDCC's Iron Man 3 panel.

SDCC 2012 Avengers Vs X-Men Panel

The San Diego Comic-con 2012 Avengers Vs. X-Men (AVX) Panel was light on news, preferring rather to provide an update and Q&A about Marvel's current event.

Catwoman DC Nation Short Revealed

Here's a video of an interesting take on Catwoman.

SDCC 2012 Iron Man 3 Armor Revealed

Fans attending San Diego Comic-Con were able to see Tony Stark's new  arrmor for the upcoming Iron Man 3 movie at the Marvel booth.

SDCC: Hasbro/Marvel Panel

Hasbro showcases the future Marvel lines of Universe, Legends, and more at it's SDCC panel!

Green Lantern Corps #11 Preview

"Alone Against the Alpha Lanterns"

SDCC:Image Skybound Panel

Here's some highlights from Image's Skybound Panel, the imprint run by Hollywood tycoon Robert Kirkman.

SDCC: The Phoenix Five Arrives in Avengers Alliance

The popular Facebook game will be getting some new costumes.

SDCC: Once Upon a Time Adds Captain Hook and Jack (of Beanstalk Fame)

A couple of big character announcements out of the Once Upon a Time panel at San Diego Comic Con, plus other highlights!

SDCC: The Image Comics Experience Panel

Check out the bevy of new titles announced by Image at SDCC.

SDCC: Deadpool: The Game Trailer

Here's the trailer for Deadpool: The Game.