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Is Guardians of the Galaxy the Mystery Marvel Movie of 2014?!

A live-action Guardians of the Galxaxy of movie for 2014? So says one website!

DC Hires Ugly Models for New Ad Campaign

DC has decided to cut costs by employing cheap, unattractive male models in their comic con advertisements.

Damon Lindelof to Co-Write "The Leftovers" for HBO

The Lost creator will team with the novel's author Tom Perotta on the series.

Dan Slott to Put Spider-Man Out of Misery in This is War!

Another Marvel "This is War" teaser hit the net this morning, this one involving the Amazing Spider-Man!

Valiant Villains (Updated)

Valiant has released two creepy villain-centric teasers, one for Archer & Armstrong, and another for Bloodshot!

Marvel Theme Park Dubai

Dubai's not quite Disneyworld...but it's close.

Walking Dead Video Game Episode 2 Available Now

The next episode of Telltale Games' Walking Dead game is available now on X-Box 360, and will be available Friday on PS3, PC, and Mac.

New "Total Recall" trailer out

The new trailer for Total Recall has hit the web! Will there be tri-boob action? Watch and see.

Tim Burton's "Frankenweenie" new trailer

The second trailer for Burton's Frankenweenie due out October 5th is out and gives a little more of a peek at the story this time around than the first trailer.

Viz Media Unveils Neon Alley

24-Hour Anime Channel Launches On Game Consoles This Fall

Iron Man 3 Character Details

As the first movie of Marvel's Phase Two, what moves will Iron Man 3 spearhead?

The Human Fly Movie in Development

A new superhero(ish) movie is in development.

Onward into the Digital Age with Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal goes day and date digital release for their 25th anniversary book Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Book 1: Helldiver.

Trailer: Looper

Looper: Time travel with a bit of....MURDER?!?!

DC Graphic Novels Now Available on NOOK

Barnes & Noble today announced a partnership with DC Entertainment to bring its bestselling line-up of graphic novels to the award-winning NOOK Tablet.