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Starlord will Shape the Future of Marvel NOW!

The last character to be revealed in the Marvel NOW! Point One teasers is Starlord!

Dark Knight Rises Paris Premiere, Cast Interviews Canceled

The French premeire or The Dark Knight Rises has been canceled following the tragic shooting at a midnight showing in Colorado.

Todd McFarlane = Huge Sales for Spawn #221, But What About Will Carlton?!

Todd McFarlane's new era of Spawn continues to be a success, but at what cost?!

Jill Thompson on Wonder Woman?

Will Jill Thompson join husband Brian Azzarello on Wonder Woman?

Rick Remender "Leaks" Uncanny X-Force Spoiler on Twitter

In an Oscar-worthy performance, Uncanny X-Force writer Rick Remender "leaked" a "spoiler" from an upcoming story on Twitter. WARNING! SPOILERS INSIDE!

Fury Of Firestorm #11 Preview

"Behold, the rogue Firestorms ... of Ashra Khan"

Marvel Looking for Source of Guardians of the Galaxy Leak

Marvel has allegedly contacted Latino Review looking to find the source of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie news that leaked before the official announcement.

Green Lantern #11 Preview

"The Revenge of Black Hand" starts now !

HInts About Possible Character(s) in Thor The Dark World?

In an interview with a stuntman (James Grogan) working on the sequel to Thor (Thor The Dark World), an interesting tidbit was revealed: Whilst discussing the importance of acting chops in stunt...

Valiant Reveals Two Covers for Harbinger #6

Mico Suayan and Matthew Clark provide covers for Valiant's Harbinger #6!

Young Justice Will Shape the Future of Marvel NOW!

Black Fury has revealed another of his mysterious file cards: Young Justice!

2012 Primetime Emmy Nominees Announced

"Mad Men" and "American Horror Story" in the lead with 17 nominations each

Are There Plans to Expand the Earth 2 Line?


Are there plans to expand DC's Earth 2 line?  Dan Didio hints at an answer.


OP/ED: The Toxicity of Stephanie Brown

Christian Hoffer wonders exactly what is toxic about Stephanie Brown.