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Trailer: The Awakening

In which Rebecca Hall doesn't believe in ghosts, but then kind of does.  The Awakening also stars Dominic West.

The Internet: Fooled by This is War Teasers?

Shocking development in the This is War teaser story.

Tony Daniel Off Detective Comics

The writer/artist has announced via his Facebook page that he's leaving the book.

Geoff Johns Retconning Image of Comic Creators in New DC Ad

Donning a sweet leather jacket and baseball cap, DC megastar writer Geoff Johns is going to show people that comics can be cool.

SDCC: Oni Press Panel Schedule

Oni has released their panel schedule for San Diego Comic Con!

Liefeld Promises "Big Things" For Hawkman

The secrets behind the Nu52 Hawkman

SDCC: Image Comics Panel Schedule

Image Comics has released their panel schedule for San Diego Comic Con.

DC Shocker: DC Loves Before Watchmen

DC released an article on their website talking about how much they love their own comic, Before Watchmen.

Dark Horse Pays Tribute to Fans with Good Luck Trolls

Dark Horse is releasing a line of toys modeled after comic book fans.

Black Widow in the Crosshairs: This is War!

Marvel released another promotional image for their October 2012 event.

Marvel's The Avengers Blu-Ray Trailer

Disney unveiled a trailer for the upcoming release of Marvel's The Avengers on Blu-ray today.

Is Guardians of the Galaxy the Mystery Marvel Movie of 2014?!

A live-action Guardians of the Galxaxy of movie for 2014? So says one website!

DC Hires Ugly Models for New Ad Campaign

DC has decided to cut costs by employing cheap, unattractive male models in their comic con advertisements.

Damon Lindelof to Co-Write "The Leftovers" for HBO

The Lost creator will team with the novel's author Tom Perotta on the series.

Dan Slott to Put Spider-Man Out of Misery in This is War!

Another Marvel "This is War" teaser hit the net this morning, this one involving the Amazing Spider-Man!