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SDCC: Thor - This is War?

Marvel has sent out a Thor-related teaser for the Amazing Spider-Man panel at San Diego Comic Con.

Marvel's Gay Wedding Causes Massive Homosexual Outbreak in San Francisco

Astonishing X-Men #51 came out just last week, but it has already caused a major increase in homosexual activity, particularly in San Francisco.

Guillem March Responds to Catwoman Controversy

Guillem March takes a stand against those who spoke out against his anatomically correct Catwoman cover.

Dave Gibbons' and Madefire's Digital Comics Platform Raises Questions About the Future of Comics

Madefire may have created a truly innovative new way to create and read digital comics... but you'll need an iPad if you want to read them.

Powers on FX: Still Not Dead

The Powers TV show on FX is still in development. Just so you know.

Going to HeroesCon This Weekend? So is Valiant!

Take a look at Valiant's schedule for this weekend's HeroesCon!

Aquaman #10 preview

VOSTOK-X arrives on Earth !

Adam Kubert's Avengers Vs. X-Men #8 Cover Proves Cyclops Was Right

Finally, definitive proof in the ongoing debate that the X-Men are right in Avengers vs. X-Men!

DC Needs More Opinions about the New 52

Nielsen is doing another survey for DC.

New Iron Man Animated Series in the Works?

During an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Gary Marsh, President of Disney Worldwide may have let slip of a new Iron Man animated series in the works.

July 19 is Dark Knight Rises Day at Comic Shops

To celebrate the release of Dark Knight Rises, DC Comics will be giving away free stuff at your local comic shop!

Valiant Denies Buyback Rumors, Blames Sour Grapes

Valiant responds to claims they boosted sales numbers by offering to buy back unsold issues.

Alan Moore Cuts Out Middleman, Releases Own Project "Show Pieces" Directly to Film

Tired of waiting for Hollywood to screw him over by making his masterpieces into big budget films, Alan Moore will be releasing his next project as a series of short films.

Is Jeph Loeb Behind Disney's Seven Dwarves Reboot?

Disney is making a new cartoon called 7D, and the titular D's are looking very "kid-friendly."