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July 19 is Dark Knight Rises Day at Comic Shops

To celebrate the release of Dark Knight Rises, DC Comics will be giving away free stuff at your local comic shop!

Valiant Denies Buyback Rumors, Blames Sour Grapes

Valiant responds to claims they boosted sales numbers by offering to buy back unsold issues.

Alan Moore Cuts Out Middleman, Releases Own Project "Show Pieces" Directly to Film

Tired of waiting for Hollywood to screw him over by making his masterpieces into big budget films, Alan Moore will be releasing his next project as a series of short films.

Is Jeph Loeb Behind Disney's Seven Dwarves Reboot?

Disney is making a new cartoon called 7D, and the titular D's are looking very "kid-friendly."

Judge Dredd Trailer Lays Down the Law on YouTube Embedding

Lionsgate released a trailer for Judge Dredd, but don't expect to view it here. *Updated Now You Can*

DC's Metal Men coming to the big screen ?

Are DC's Metal Men coming to a theatre near you ?

New Marvel Heroine Statues at San Diego Comic Con

Kotobukiya unveils three new busts for San Diego Comic Con, and they make us feel kinda funny, like when we used to climb the ropes in gym class!

Motion Comics Coming From... Yahoo?

The premiere web portal of the nineties aims for a big comeback with motion comics.

First Look at Avengers Academy #33 Reveals Real Reason Phoenix Came to Earth

...and that reason is apparently to showcase a lot of hot sexy teen girl on girl action!

Life in Hell No More

Simpsons and Futurama creator Matt Groening's Life in Hell comic strip comes to an end after 32 years.

Archie Comics Ups Gay Ante With George Takei

What's gayer than a flaming Green Lantern and a same sex marriage put together? George F'n Takei, that's what.

MarvelTVNews Responds to Bleeding Cool

MarvelTVNews responds to Bleeding Cool's attacks from yesterday morning about the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Controversy.

CBR, Can We Come on Your Yacht at San Diego Comic Con?

The Outhouse would like to join CBR on their 48 foot yacht at San Diego Comic Con. Please?

Walking Dead Spoilers: Lucille is Coming

Lucille is totally coming to the Walking Dead, people!

New Stan Lee Video Game (Also Starring The Amazing Spider-Man)

Stan Lee will be a playable character in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man video game.