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The Human Fly Movie in Development

A new superhero(ish) movie is in development.

Onward into the Digital Age with Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal goes day and date digital release for their 25th anniversary book Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Book 1: Helldiver.

Trailer: Looper

Looper: Time travel with a bit of....MURDER?!?!

DC Graphic Novels Now Available on NOOK

Barnes & Noble today announced a partnership with DC Entertainment to bring its bestselling line-up of graphic novels to the award-winning NOOK Tablet.

SDCC Beefs Up Cosplay Weapon Security Measures

Security will be ramped up at Comic Con International in San Diego this year, targeting both illicit cosplay weaponry and counterfeit badges.

Top Shelf Announces League 2009 and The Lovely Horrible Stuff today!

Top Shelf has all kinds of stuff coming out today, including the long-awaited conclusion of Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen!

The Outhouse Pledges to Support "Waffles for Stephanie"

Hear all about the campaign to bring back Stephanie Brown here.

Alpha Revealed: The Amazing Sidekick

The mystery of Alpha revealed! Spider-Man to get spunky teen sidekick for his 50th Anniversary.

Will LEGO: The Piece of Resistance be Brave and Bold?

It looks like the upcoming Warner Bros. movie, "LEGO: The Piece of Resistance" is building up to include two famous comic characters: Batman and Superman!

Uh Oh! Indiana Jones Quadrilogy Getting Remastered for Blu-Ray!

The Indiana Jones movies are getting a deluxe frame-by-frame restoration for Blu-Ray release!

Spike TV Confirms: Jim Lee Solely to Blame for DCnU

Jim Lee has been nominated for Spike TV's All Access Game Changer Award for his work on the DCnU, showing disgruntled readers exactly where to place the blame.

San Diego Comic Con Celebrates Nine Years of No Firefly

A special panel at San Diego's Comic Con International will celebrate nine years since Firefly was canceled, and the lives of the show's fans lost all meaning.

Stride-Rite Puts Hardly Any Effort Into New Line of Spider-Man Shoes

Stride-Rite could barely be bothered to produce this new line of shoes tying into the Amazing Spider-Man movie.