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SDCC: Richard Corben Unearth's Poe's Conquering Worm for Dark Horse

Dark Horse will be publishing Richard Corben's take on Edgar Allen Poe's The Conquering worm, which fills us with an urge most poetic...

Dan Slott: No Interviews After Amazing Spider-Man #700

During an interview with Newsarama, Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott made a startling announcement: that he'd not be giving interviews post #700. Click here to find out the reason!!

Peter David Argues Online For First Time in Two Days

By arguing on AICN yesterday, Peter David failed to match his personal record of three days without engaging in a shouting match with message board commenters.

Diamond Top Products For June Proves Internet Right - DC Out of Business

Avengers Vs. X-Men #5 and #6 take the two top spots in Diamond's sales numbers for June.

SDCC: New England Comics and the Tick Schlep to West Cost Con!

NEC (Home of the Tick) will be at SDCC with lots of Con Exclusives for sale and Ben Edlund (Tick Creator), Townsend Colman (Voice of the Tick), Benn and Liz Robbins, Gabe Crate, and Bob Polio to sign...

Will Dan Slott and Marvel Introduce Midget Spider-Man Villain in Minimum Carnage?

Continuing the trend of promoting diversity in comics, Marvel has released a teaser for an upcoming event called Minimum Carnage.

More DC Shakeups on the Way, Catwoman Still a Slut

An interview with Ann Nocenti on Newsarama reveals some juicy information about the DCnU.

Capcom and Marvel take us back to "The Violent Fighting to Come Again" era

Marvel and Capcom welcome you back to the Stage of History with the release of two Classic Fighting Games.

Tony S. Daniel Joins JUSTICE LEAGUE as Guest Artist for 2-Issue Arc

Cheetah to become a major villainous force in 2012 and beyond

io9 Claims There Aren't Many A-List Superheroes

io9 lays down some cold hard opinion about the state of superheroes.

Trailer: The Loneliest Planet

In which something weird happens to Gael Garcia Bernal and Hani Furstenberg in the mountains.

Stay Away from Kathryn Leigh Scott at San Diego Comic Con!

Kathryn Leigh Scott, who starred in and wrote a book about the vampire soap opera Dark Shadows, will be at the Hermes Press, Booth #1821 at San Diego Comic Con...

SDCC: Oni Press Releases Schedule for San Diego Comic Con

Oni has released their schedule for San Diego Comic Con. Check it out, and don't forget to pick up a sweet exclusive Scott Pilgrim Evil Edition hardcover!

Aspen Comics SDCC Exclusives to Cause Boner Epidemic at San Diego Comic Con

Make sure to wear baggy pants at San Diego Comic Con if you're planning on picking up some of these NSFW Aspen Comics exclusive prints and comics.

Does the Amazing Spider-Man Have an Untold Story Behind the Untold Story?

Though it's raking in the dough, was there really a larger story cut from the Amazing Spider-Man? One blogger thinks so and has the evidence to prove it.

Marvel's Joe Quesada: Raccoon Lover, or Poseur?

Marvel CCO Joe Quesada changes his opinion on Marvel cosmic, loves Rocket Raccoon!

Uncanny Avengers Cover Reveals Captain America Gets Fat in Marvel NOW

Check out the first look at the cover to Uncanny Avengers #1, the Marvel NOW book launching in October by Rick Remender and John Cassaday!