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Super Hero Franchises Drive Revenue Across Screens

Peoplelove superheroes... just not comic books. :(

TRON: Uprising: Beck's Begining Kicks Off New Series This May

The prelude to the new Disney XD Tron: Uprising animated series boots up in May with Tron: Uprising: Beck's Begining.

Trailer #1 for THE ART OF WAR: A GRAPHIC NOVEL (HarperCollins)

Check out the first trailer for the upcoming graphic novel, The Art of War!

Creator Owned Heroes in June

Here comes Image's creator owned anthology!


If you haven't made it to your comic shop yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?

Witchblade's Rebirth Collected

First Five Issues Offered in Introductory-Priced Trade Paperback

Unlikely Zombilicious Friendship Spurs From Zombies vs Cheerleaders Come August 2012

Moonstone is announcing a new Zombies vs Cheerleaders comic by creator Steven L. Frank. This time Frank is focusing his efforts on the unlikely zombie/cheerleader-couple of Becky and Bob.

Carla Speed McNeil Wins LA Book Prize

Finder: Voice continues to be one of the most talked about books of 2011, and word of its story and artwork has spread far and wide.

BioWare and Dark Horse Unveil New DRAGON AGE Comic Miniseries

BioWare, a label of Electronic Arts Inc., and Dark Horse Comics today announced Dragon Age™: Those Who Speak, a three-issue comic miniseries based on the award-winning Dragon Age™...

Theodore Roosevelt Battles Zombies in Indie Comics Magazine's Summer Issue

Guns blazing, a young "Teddy" Roosevelt cuts his way through a horde of zombies in Frederick Kim's "The Dead and Endless Wastes," appearing in Indie Comics Magazine's Summer Issue, scheduled for...

Third The Dark Knight Rises Trailer is Unleashed

Teased via viral marketing earlier today on the main website for the movie, the third trailer to The Dark Knight Rises is here!!

Wild Children in June

Ales Kot and Riley Rossmo explore a crazy high school hostage situation in this graphic novella.

EPIX: NEW Avengers Clips and Marvel Heroes Weekend Reminder!

EPIX gets you ready for EPIX Marvel Heroes Weekend with a lot of Stan Lee clips!

Kickstart The Monarchy

Tyler Kirkham, Mandy McMurray, and M. Oracle want YOU to help them deliver The Monarchy.

Toonami Update 3.0

The voice of Tom himself, Steve Blum, gives his two cents on the campaign to bring back Toonami; while also a handler of the block just got a promotion within Cartoon Network.