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Adult Swim's Programing Schedule for the 2012-13 Season

Adult Swim released their programing schedule for their upcoming season.

Moriarity Half Price on comiXology, Direct Market Devastated

Confirming the fears of comic shop owners everywhere, reasonably priced digital comics spell the doom of the retail market.

Marvel Movie Timeline Reveals the Timeline of the Marvel Movies

If you want to know which came first: Thor's fight with the Destroyer or Iron Man 2, look inside!

Is There Anything Namor Won't Bang?

It's a pretty self-explanatory article. 

The Return of Toonami!!!

Adult Swim announced on their website today Toonami returns May 26!!!

Comic Book Underprinting Epidemic Continues at IDW

The problem of comic book publishers unable to meet demand for their books is becoming even more apparent, as IDW announced return printings on thirteen books.

Dark Horse Defies the Comics Code Authority

In a move sure to shake the comic industry to its very foundation, Dark Horse will be reprinting some pre-code classics in rebellious and affordable archival collections!

DC Comics Replacing Subscription Titles Willy Nilly

DC Comics has canceled subscriptions to less popular comics like Justice League International and Swamp Thing and plans to send readers issues of Batman and Superman instead.

Avengers vs. X-Men: Not a Reboot

Marvel Editor in Chief Axel Alonso states officially, for the record, that there will be no reboot for the Marvel Universe.

AVX: The Phoenix Claims its First Victim!

The Marvel series claims its first victim!  Find out who inside!

IDW Rectifies Lack of Zombies in Comics with Deadworld Revival

Get your zombie fix with a revival of the classic horror series Deadworld by Gary Reed!

Marvel Comics Full Monthly Soliciations for August 2012

We've got Marvel's FULL MONTHLY SOLICITATIONS for the month of August 2012! Check out what's shipping in August from Marvel Comics!

SDCC: Casualties Expected as Skybound to Stage Fake Zombie Apocalypse at Comic Con

Comic book fans may be the least likely group to survive an actual zombie apocalypse, but that won't stop Robert Kirkman and Image from building a zombie obstacle course at San Diego Comic Con.

Obama Supports Billionaires, Neglects Archers, Gods and Women

President Obama made some startling comments on The View.  Check them out here!

Scoop: A Shocking Walking Dead Resurrection!

Did Robert Kirkman bring back one of the many dead cast members of The Walking Dead?  Read on and find out!