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C2E2: Matt Fraction and David Aja on Iron... nope, it's Hawkeye!

At Marvel's Cup O' Joe panel, the highly anticipated Matt Fraction and David Aja book was revealed to be... HAWKEYE!

C2E2: Soothing Prequel Butthurt at the DC All Access: Before Watchmen Panel

DC Comicsdid their best to put a positive spin on the Watchmen prequels at their All Access panel at C2E2 today.

C2E2 2012: Cup O' Joe

So what's the latest news Marvel have for the people of Chicago? 

C2E2 2012: Marvel Animation Panel

So what kind of goodies does Marvel Animation have for us this year? Zechs found out at the Marvel Animation Panel!!

C2E2 2012: IDW Panel

So what does the future hold of IDW? The C2E2 panel happens LIVE!! 

C2E2 2012: Avengers vs. X-Men Panel

The official Avengers vs. X-Men panel at C2E2! Find out what's going on live with updates!!

C2E2 2012: Amazing Spider-Man Panel

Marvel gives us a hint of what's to come with Spider-Man in this Spidey Centric Panel!!!

C2E2 2012 Day One Recap: Digital Comics Explode and More!

Tons of digital announcements hit at C2E2 today. Has the comic book industry finally turned the corner and embraced digital comics? Oh, and stuff happened in the print realm too...

C2E2: Announcing Tim Seeley's EX SANGUINE!

From C2E2, Dark Horse Comics is thrilled to announce Ex Sanguine—a unique blend of horror and thriller from Tim Seeley, the creator of Hack/Slash, writer of The Occultist, artist of The...

C2E2: ATHENA VOLTAIRE Flies to Sequential Pulp on a Dark Horse!

From C2E2's Artist Alley E13:  Globetrotting aviatrix Athena Voltaire battles Nazis, occult science, and mythical creatures against the backdrop of the pulp era.

C2E2 2012: DC All Access Panel

DC invades C2E2 2012 with their first panel!!

C2E2 2012: DC Direct Panel

Zechs gives you the heads up on the latest happenings of DC goodies announced at the DC Direct panel.

New from 2-Headed Monster Comics, The Little Monsters EP

Get set to sample some of your new favorite comics!

C2E2: DC to Debut New Original Digital Comics

Onward, into the digital age with DC Comics!

C2E2: Sin City 2 - Sin Citier

The sequel to Sin City is officially moving forward.

C2E2: DC Graphic Novels in UK to be Distributed by Diamond

DC throws the starving retail industry a bone with this press release from Diamond.