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TOPPS Unveils John McCrea's MARS ATTACKS Trading Cards

I'm as surprised as the rest of you (except maybe the sports fans) that TOPPS is still in business.

SPACE Special: InDIY Hunter 5 Ohh! Interview with Brian John Mitchell

SPACE Pre-Coverage is still going strong! Meet the man who created Micro-Comics. 60 of them! Special InDiY 5 Ohh! interview with Brian John Mitchell!

SPACE Special: InDIY Hunter 5 Ohh! Interview with Dave Kelly!

SPACE! (have I mentioned that show yet?) is days upon us and we are talking with one of it's attendees, Dave Kelly on the InDiY 5!

SPACE special InDiY Hunter 5 Ohh! Interview with Cody Pickrodt

SPACE and beyond coverage continues with an interview focus on Cody Pickrodt!

SPACE special InDIY Hunter 5 Ohh! Interview with Joel Jackson!

It's a triple threat with the 2 Headed Monster gang as we continue our SPACE coverage with Joel Jackson!

C2E2 2012: A Look Back

Outhouse Correspondent Zechs takes a look back at this year's C2E2 2012.

SPACE special InDIY Hunter 5 Ohh! Interview with Max Ink!

Max Ink! graces the InDiY 5 Ohh! with his signature answers for our ongoing SPACE coverage! Can you Dig it?!

SPACE special InDiY Hunter 5 Ohh! Interview with James Moore!

The InDIY 5 Ohh! continues with it's SPACE coverage! Today's feature is with writer and team member of 2Headed Monster James Moore!

SPACE Special: InDiY Hunter 5 Ohh! Interview with Michael Carroll!

SPACE coverage continues! One on one interview between Stick Figure Specialist Michael Carroll and the InDiY Hunter! 

The Outhousers, SPACE Interview with Katie Valeska Wright

Our SPACE Pre-Coverage continues featuring an interview with Katie Valeska Wright!


Get your fill of Artifacts for FREE at Top Cow's website!


Everyone's favorite, um, lesbian witch?  We'll go with that.  She's got a series on the way.


Everyone's favorite British vampire with a soul gets his own book!

Beware the Batman Teaser Trailer

The first teaser trailer to the new animated Batman show is here: Beware the Batman!!

Don Bluth's Dragon's Lair Digital Comic Series Debuts on the App Store

Six digital comics are available based on the incredibly popular 1983 arcade game and will help you move onward into the digital age!

Rockstar Games and Marvel to Produce Max Payne 3 Comic Series

Rockstar and Marvel will collaborate on bringing Max Payne 3 to the digital and print comics world.