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Outhouse Denies Rumors It Plans to Plunder CBR's Yacht at San Diego Comic Con

Under no circumstances will representatives of the satirical comic book website board CBR's boat dressed as pirates and force their reporters to walk the plank.

DC Won't Allow Superman Logo to Appear on Memorial for Murdered Child

The company has reportedly declined to allow their logo to appear on a bronze statue of Jeffrey Baldwin, saying they do not want Superman associated with child abuse.

Horror-ific Variant Covers From DC This October

Just in time for Halloween. I wonder if they planned it that way.

Brandon Routh Returns to Superheroics in Arrow this Fall

He's playing a really super man in Arrow this fall.

DC Announces "Trinity of Sin" Ongoing

With creative team J.M. DeMatteis and Yvel Guichet.

Greg Land To “Draw” Spider-Woman’s Ongoing For Marvel

There’s still time to tell the artist which porn star you’d like him to “reference” for the character.

They Can’t All Be Winners; Cullen Bunn To Write “Lobo” Series

Yea, yea, I know, it’s not nice to pass judgment before a book comes out, but it’s Lobo.

In Latest Insult, Scottish Saltire Invasion Nominated for "Favourite British Comic" Award

As the referendum on Scottish independence looms, a British comic awards committee spitefully nominates Scotland's first Superhero for a British award category.

Mighty No. 9 The Animated Series Announced

The kickstarted robot will get his own cartoon.

Cubano Review: New Trailer For Foxcatcher, Staring Channing Tatum and Steve Carell Released.

New trailer for film starring Channing Tatum as Olympic wrestler Mark Schultz, and Steve Carell, the crazed millionaire who killed Schultz's brother.

Top Five Most Patriotic Superman Moments

Truth, Justice, and the American Way is Superman's motto, but what five Superman moments are the American Wayiest?

Are Warner Bros. And Kevin Smith Trolling Hollywood Gossip Blogs With Fake Superman v Batman Script?

That's what the latest rumors from, ironically, Hollywood gossip blogs are saying.

Cartoon Network Fires "Clarence" Creator Over Sexual Harassment Claims

As far we know, the show will continue without creator Skyler Page, who was let go after allegations of sexual assault from a co-worker at the network.

UDON to Produce Manga Classics - Pride and Prejudice and Les Miserables

If you liked Classics Illustrated but wish they were more sexually arousing, this is the announcement you've been waiting for!