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A Battered Shield for Captain America: Winter Soldier

The first teaser poster for Captain America 2.

Amazon Launches New Comic Imprint, Industry Prepares for Doom

The online bookstore has entered into the comic publishing business.

Infinity in Trouble After Marvel Blows Entire Budget on Trailer

The comic book publisher may face bankruptcy after producing an extravagent trailer for the blockbuster event comic, Infinity.

DC Maybe Fired Ales Kot

The fan favorite writer was not listed in the credits for Suicide Squad #24, causing The Outhouse's hand to hover over the counter reset button.

Marvel Shocker: Shocking Avengers Arena Spoilers Shock Readers (SPOILERS)

This week's issue of Avengers Arena has LEAKED! Want to be SHOCKED by what happens?! SPOILERS!

DC Comics Full Monthly Solicitations for October 2013

Blacklist or no, here's your full DC Comics solicits for October, 2013!

George Perez Exclusively Goes BOOM!

The famous artist has fled to the green pastures of BOOM! Studios.

Marvel Teases Teaser With Share Your Universe Video

Marvel has released a teaser for the upcoming Share Your Universe teaser they plan to release tomorrow.

Edward Kramer Out of Dragon Con

Good News for those wanting to attend the convention, but holding out because of Kramer's involvement.

Russell Crowe Up For 'Man of Steel' Prequel

Not content to hog up most of Superman's movie, Jor'El wants his own film.

Rumor: Guardians of the Galaxy Roles Maybe Confirmed For Sure

We can definitely tell you that we're pretty sure these rumors are completely true.

80 Year Old Man Upset to Learn Lone Ranger is John Carter Sized Bomb

The Octogenarian was really looking forward to the movie based on the old timey radio show from the 1930s.

The Rock Continues Sharing Behind-the-scenes Images from Hercules

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is hard at work on his next movie, filming Hercules and has been using his twitter to share a peek at filming.

Chiller 13: Great American Slashers Debuts Tonight

Tonight the Chiller network counts down America's 13 Greatest Slashers in horror.