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DC Shocker: DC to Quadruple Ship Batman in September

The series will release four issues in September, all focusing on different villains.

2D People of Flatland Outraged by 3D Motion Covers

The denizens of a fictional, two dimensional universe are confused and angered by the 3D motion covers DC is producing for villains month.

Man in Coma Since 1999 Excited for Skyrim Game Guide

Huge game guide a lifesaver for man who has missed 14 years of internet development.

Scorpion Confirmed as DLC Character for Injustice

Shades of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe right there...

DC Shocker: Geoff Johns Jumps Ship from JLA to Forever Evil

Indie rock god Matt Kindt will take over the book for five issues.

Behind the Scenes on 'Man of Steel'

Thirteen minute featurette on 'Man of Steel' takes you behind the scenes, plus new images from the film.

Ghouls Scramble to Get Hands on Heath Ledger Joker Diary

After glimpses of the elusive diary surfaced in a German documentary, ghoulish people immediately began falling all over themselves to read it.

Rumor: Beware the Batman to Debut on July 13?

The next animated Batman show is rumored to be debuting on Saturday, July 13.

Matt Smith Quits 'Dr. Who'

And so the changing of the doctors continues.

Viral Website Started for Mira Grant's Next Book: 'Parasite'

Minor side effects have been reported: fatigue, feelings of displacement, anxiety and aggression, and in extreme cases a loss of consciousness and death.

Nintendo Launches E3 Website

Nintendo bringing E3 experience to players online and in participating Best Buys.

Locke & Key's Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez Heading to Marvel or DC?

A little alien told me that Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodgriguez may be taking over a major character for one of the big two this year. Reboot Ruins Lives of Fans

The comics publisher revamped its website on Friday, to the horror of continuity obsessed fanboys.

Karen Gillan Joins 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

Doctor Who star Karen Gillan is now the lead villain of Guardians of the Galaxy.

CBR Moves All Negative DC Forum Threads to Ghetto

The popular comics website reasserts its status as DC's bitch and clamps down on dissent.