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Little Girl Criticized for Cosplaying as Stan Lee

The girl was declared to not be sexy enough to cosplay as the Marvel legend.

Kirby's Grandson Kickstarts Photo Book, Lawsuit from Marvel Imminent

Marvel would really prefer if people think of them as Stan Lee's photos.

Sure Thing: Sony to Give Spider-Man Movie Rights Back to Marvel!!!

If by "sure thing" we mean "total speculation" and by "give Spider-Man rights back to Marvel" we mean "not give them back."

Amazon Gets Freaky With Sanctioned Fanfic Program

The online giant has opened up Kindle Worlds, a place for readers to write fanfic sanctioned by IP owners.

XBox One Questions Answered

Almost a day after the XBox One Reveal, we are finally starting to get answers to many questions we had far before the Reveal.

DC Credits Wrong Creative Team on Aquaman #20 Cover

DC shows it gives a shit about creators by not crediting them on the cover of books they worked on.

Doug Mahnke Joins JLA

The Green Lantern artist will be joining Geoff Johns on DC's other flagship title.

EA IS Developing Wii U Games After All

Either someone changed their mind, or one hand doesn't know what the other is doing as EA now says they are making Wii U games.

What Microsoft Did Wrong at the XBox Reveal

Microsoft revealed an impressive piece of hardward today, but they came up short in a lot of ways as well and we look at them here.

Rumor: Dinobots, Galvatron to Appear in Transformers 4

El Presidente serves up a massive scoop of Transformers rumors!

Learn About Piloting the Jaeger in New 'Pacific Rim' Featurette

Guillermo del Toro takes viewers behind the scenes to explain "The Drift" - the science behind the two pilot Jaeger system.

Dazzler Joins S.H.I.E.L.D. in Uncanny X-Men

The fan-favorite mutant gets a new job in "The Great One's" Uncanny X-Men, and she's fully clothed to boot!

Ronan the Accuser to Be Big Bad in Guardians of the Galaxy?

Is Ronan the as yet unannounced villain Lee Pace will be playing? El Presidente says: "si!"

Official Reveal Trailer for 'Call of Duty: Ghosts'

Although most game announcements for XBox One will be saved for E3 in a few weeks, Call of Duty did show off their new 'Ghosts' Trailer

Microsoft Announces: X-Box One

The XBox Reveal today was all about the next generation entertainment console, and here are the details plus answers to the 'always on', used games questions, and backwards compatibility.

Steven Spielberg Working on Live Action Halo TV Series

Microsoft announced the news during their XBox One presentation.