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Valiant Teases You About Going H.A.R.D Corps

Here's a little more information about a new element entering the fray during Valiant's Harbinger Wars event!

James Arnold Taylor Reflects on Star Wars: Clone Wars Cancellation

James Arnold Taylor (Obi-Wan Kenobi), confirms and reflects on Star Wars: The Clone Wars cancellation.

DC Comics Full Monthly Solicitations for June 2013

Check out what's shipping from DC and Vertigo in the monthly solicits for June 2013!

Comic Book Websites Suffer as DC Neglects to Cancel Books in June Solicits

The lack of canceled books has many experts fearing a news recession.

DC Comics June 2013 Preview - Green Lantern Titles

Here's a preview of DC's June 'Green Lantern' solicits

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Canceled

The animated series WILL NOT be returning for the expected sixth season, and the fifth season that just aired will be its last.

DC Comics June 2013 Preview - Superman Group

Here's a preview of DC's June solicitations for the Superman group titles

DC Shocker: Vibe Fails to Make Top 50 Chart Despite Not Being Awful

Pundits everywhere were relieved to learn that Vibe still can't sell comics.

Elektra Handles Wolverine's Prostate Exam in "Savage Wolverine"

The ninja assassin appears to be raising awareness of prostate cancer in a variant cover.

DC to Finally Reveal Batman's Origin with The Zero Year

Scott Snyder's Batman will spend a year-long storyline exploring the beginnings of the caped crusader.

Marvel SXSW Announcement Wrap-Up

Find out what Marvel teasers for #1, 52, and Project Gamma were all about.

Marvel Announces New Plan to Destroy Digital Comics

The comics publisher plans to kill digital comics with kindness.

Toonami Gets a New Look and Programs

TOM and the Absolution are getting a makeover. Plus two new programs join the Toonami block along with other questions that are answered.

Christopher Nolan's Next Film Confirmed

The Dark Knight Rises and Inception director's next movie will tackle time travel and alternate dimensions.

New 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Trailer

The new Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer that will run in front of Oz, has been posted online.