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DC All Access Panel: WonderCon 2013

DC's speakers included Ann Nocenti, Scott Snyder, James Robinson, Bryan Q. Miller, John Cunningham

New Creative Teams for Batman and Justice League Beyond

Kyle Higgins and Thony Silas on Batman Beyond with Christos Gage and Than Coello on Justice League Beyond. Also.. BATGIRL BEYOND?!

Munchkinland Rejoices as Daniel Way Leaves Thunderbolts

The dimunitive residents of Oz rejoiced upon hearing that Way would be replaced by Charles Soule.

DC Hires Tyler Perry To Pen New Green Lantern Book

Has anyone ever met anyone who liked Tyler Perry?

Hank Pym to Play with Robots in Avengers AI Series

The new series will spin out of Age of Ultron.

Disney Unveils Iron Man 3 Monorail

The new monorail will run at the Walt Disney World resort.

Bruce Timm Steps Down as DC Animated Producer

The guiding force behind DC Comics animated movies and cartoons, Bruce Timm, is stepping down from the position.

Marvel Studios to Release "Chinese Variant" of Iron Man 3

The studio has announced a special version of the movie will be released in China.

William Shatner Squares Off Against Gorn Once Again

The actor faces off against a classic Star Trek antagonist in a new commercial.

Watch Out, Publishers; Larime Taylor at Wondercon Today

The Voice in the Dark cartoonist will be at the comic convention in Anaheim, armed with a homemade trade paperback to show to publishers.

BBC America's "Supernatural Saturday" Returns

Saturday March 30 premieres 'Orphan Black' and a new season of 'Dr. Who'

Why I Love Comics: Pax 2013 Post Con Vlog

It's part one of a three part Why I Love Comics video spectacular!

Legend of Korra Season 2 April Debut Debunked

The previous report of Legend of Korra Book 2 premiering next month has been debunked at the source of the same rumor, Janet Varney herself. Wait, what?

Micronauts Movie Won't Be Loyal To Marvel Comic

Writers for the movie break the news to Marvel's Micronauts fans.

Once Upon a Time Makes Comic Debut

Marvel announced that ABC's Once Upon a Time would make its comic book debut in an all new Original Graphic Novel

Amazon buys Goodreads

Amazon gets social, buys reading and consumer review site: Goodreads.