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Iron Man 3 to Get Iron Man Exhibit at Disneyland

Might be the closest we get to a Stark Expo.

Saints Row 4: What's Different?

Superstar reporter Eric Ratcliffe brough back the scoop on Saints Row 4 from Pax East!

Legend of Korra: Book 2 to Debut NEXT MONTH?!

Will the popular animated show be returning NEXT MONTH? Korra's voice actor, Janet Varney thinks so! *UPDATED*

IDW To Send Outhouse Reporter to Poorhouse With Limited Edition G.I. Joe Complete Collection

The deluxe collection will collect 16 issues of the original G.I. Joe: Real American Hero comic and be so awesome we might buy two copies.

Rick Remender Urges Naysayers to Drown in Hobo Piss

Remender responds to criticism in a classic Marvel manner.

Judy Greer is Poor Casting Choice for Planet of the Apes Cornelia

The actress is clearly not simian, leading to cries of "humanwashing" in the hyper-sensitive geek community.

New "Fables" Video Game "Wolf Among Us" Rips Off "Once Upon a Time"

Telltale Games and DC Entertainment announced The Wolf Among Us, a video game that rips of the premise of popular ABC drama Once Upon a Time.

British Government Jails Real Life Jeff Winger

A stuffy British magistrate missed out on an opportunity to recreate the hilarious, fan-favorite sitcom Community when he sentenced a fake lawyer to jail instead of community college.

Wonder Woman-Inspired Kia Sportage Makes It's Debut

World’s Most Iconic Female Super Hero Pairs with Kia’s Capable and Stylish Crossover to Raise Awareness for “We Can Be Heroes” Giving Campaign

New 'Pacific Rim' Posters show off Jaegers

First they released Coyote Tango from Japan, then Cherno Alpha from Russia, and today Crimson Typhoon from China.

Iron Man 3 Deep-Space Suit revealed as 'Gemini' and Disaster Suit 'Red Snapper' added

Although the deep-space name people have referred to it as has been incorrect, instead it is called the sub-orbital suit, codenamed: Gemini. (Updated with "Red Snapper" as well).

Outhouse First Website to Suggest Joseph Gordon-Levitt for Secret Service Cast

The Outhouse scoops the rest of the comics media by speculating on whether or not JGL will play the lead roll in the just-scheduled adaptation of Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons' Secret Service.

Marvel Explains Richard Rider's Absence in Marvel NOW!

Marvel explained that parent company Disney was uncomfortable with the character's name.

Loeb, McGuinness Walk Off Nova

Desperate for some of that sweet negative publicity DC has been monopolizing, Marvel announces Loeb and McGuinness will hand over Nova to Zeb Wells and Paco Medina.

Fantastic Four #5AU out WTF's DC's WTF Month Before It Begins.

The Thing reveals a secret connected to the FF's past that could cause trouble in the future.

New 'Kick-Ass 2' International Trailer

Check out the new international Kick Ass 2 trailer, and the Jim Carey, Colonel Stars and Stripes Poster.

Full Wolverine Trailer Hits Web

And the Outhouse has it for your perusal.