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DC Teaser: Action Comics #19 Advance Preview

Check out this advance preview of the teaser for ACTION COMICS #19 that will be running in DC books the week of March 20

Kurt Busiek Returns to Astro City in June

DC Comics will be publishing the new series.

Rand Paul Filibuster Ends with Age of Ultron Endorsement

The thirteen hour filibuster ended up being an elaborate marketing campaign by Marvel.

Young Justice Episode Preview "Summit"

Two more episodes left, how will the team respond against the Reach? And just what is the Light's ultimate scheme?

Green Lantern: TAS Episode Preview- "Ranx"

Two more episodes before journey's end for the animated program.

TMNT co-creator Laird joins millions unhappy with Megan Fox's casting as April O'Neil.

TMNT co-creator less-than-enthused with news of Megan Fox's casting as April O'Neil.

Marvel Asks Outhouse What Project Gamma Is

Marvel approached The Outhouse, long part of the inner circle of secret Marvel projects, for information on their latest teaser.

Movie Scoops....IN SPACE!!!!

Resident movie scooper El Presidente delivers some shocking news about space movies.

Archie to Make Ongoing Zombie Comic

Hopefully, it will crossover with Glee and all the Glee characters will be eaten.

XBox '720' Details Leaking

Microsoft had a meeting recently with investors about their next-gen console and a few details have leaked from the meeting.

Sam Mendes Passes on Directing Bond 24

Adele may be returning to song duties on the next Bond movie, but mega-successful Skyfall director Sam Mendes won't be.

Casey Jones Rejoices as TSA Lightens Carry-On Restrictions

The TMNT supporting character will now be allowed to carry on many of the sporting items he uses in his fight against crimes.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Late to Sin City 2 Filming, Blames Internet

JGL cited internet rumors as the source of confusion, causing him to forget which movies he's actually been cast in.

'Thief' to Launch on Next-gen Consoles & PCs in 2014

The game 'Thief' that was to reboot in 2009 has patiently waited in the shadows for its time to strike: net-gen!

More Sixth Gun Casting News

More characters have been cast in the upcoming Sixth Gun pilot.