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Sam Mendes Passes on Directing Bond 24

Adele may be returning to song duties on the next Bond movie, but mega-successful Skyfall director Sam Mendes won't be.

Casey Jones Rejoices as TSA Lightens Carry-On Restrictions

The TMNT supporting character will now be allowed to carry on many of the sporting items he uses in his fight against crimes.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Late to Sin City 2 Filming, Blames Internet

JGL cited internet rumors as the source of confusion, causing him to forget which movies he's actually been cast in.

'Thief' to Launch on Next-gen Consoles & PCs in 2014

The game 'Thief' that was to reboot in 2009 has patiently waited in the shadows for its time to strike: net-gen!

More Sixth Gun Casting News

More characters have been cast in the upcoming Sixth Gun pilot.

Chris Sprouse Drops Out of Orson Scott Card's Superman Story

The artist felt there was too much bad press associated with the story.

Marvel Hires Pro-al-Qaeda Blogger To Pen New Captain America Series

The title is planned to be released in conjunction with the 2014 movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Marvel Reveals Rogue's Secondary Mutation: Making Books Late

The mutant seems to have gained the power of delaying books by months.

Final Iron Man 3 Trailer

The final trailer for movie is here with a look at the Iron Army! - Now with Screenshots!

New TMNT Game Announced

A new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle game is in development by Activision.

Latino Review Berates Joss Whedon for Debunking Planet Hulk Rumor

The rumor site stated that Hollywood keeps score, and that Whedon's score was 1.

Life Imitating Art: Possible HIV Cure Found

And it didn’t take the death of an emo Russian to pull it off.

Marvel "52" Teaser Reveals New Business Venture

Marvel promises to "deliver [...] cuts above the rest" at SXSW!

Soon-to-be rebranded G4 network announces two non-geek shows.

G4,soon to become The Esquire Network, announces two new series that stab geeks right through the heart.

Charles Dance accidently confirms Game of Thrones season 4

While promoting the season two DVD, actor Charles Dance mentions work on season four possibly starting soon.

DC Shocker: Snyder and Lee on "Dsuperman Unchained"

The series will reimagine Superman as a freed slave turned bounty hunter.