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New TMNT Game Announced

A new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle game is in development by Activision.

Latino Review Berates Joss Whedon for Debunking Planet Hulk Rumor

The rumor site stated that Hollywood keeps score, and that Whedon's score was 1.

Life Imitating Art: Possible HIV Cure Found

And it didn’t take the death of an emo Russian to pull it off.

Marvel "52" Teaser Reveals New Business Venture

Marvel promises to "deliver [...] cuts above the rest" at SXSW!

Soon-to-be rebranded G4 network announces two non-geek shows.

G4,soon to become The Esquire Network, announces two new series that stab geeks right through the heart.

Charles Dance accidently confirms Game of Thrones season 4

While promoting the season two DVD, actor Charles Dance mentions work on season four possibly starting soon.

DC Shocker: Snyder and Lee on "Dsuperman Unchained"

The series will reimagine Superman as a freed slave turned bounty hunter.

Marvel Gets Mad in New Teaser!

No, Wolverine is not teaming up with Paul Reiser and Alfred E. Newman! It's Joe Maduerira, fools! And yes, we made a Mad About You reference in 2013.

Skyrim 1.9 Beta Update Available on Steam

Not out officially yet, but for those players on PC willing to enter into the beta of the patch, the 1.9 update adds a ton of bug fixes and a couple new features.

Halle Berry Confirmed for Storm in 'X-Men Days of Future Past'

Halle Berry has been rumored to reprise her role as Storm in the next X-Men movie and this weekend she confirmed it would happen.

Valiant Teaser: H.A.R.D Corps

There's a whole new wrinkle in Valiant's upcoming Harbinger Wars!

Still Drunk from Weekend, Marvel Releases Pretty Much Same "First" Teaser as Last Week

Whatever the teaser is advertising, it will be revealed next week at SXSW!

X-Files Comic Book Series to Return from IDW, with Chris Carter

From ECCC, IDW announced that The X-Files will relaunch in June.

ECCC: Marvel Panel

News from the 'Marvel: The Next Big Thing' Panel at Emerald City Comic-Con.

Nolan to Steer the Ship for DC's Movie Franchise, Producing Justice League next?

Nolan to produce Justice League Movie? David Goyer to write? Zach Snyder to possibly direct and co-produce? And could Bale return as Batman?

Is Robert Downey Jr. Set To Leave Marvel For DC?

Hints of Robert Downey Jr.'s future in comic book films hinted at in 2011's "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows."