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Rocket Raccoon Gets a Case of the Wolverines in Nova #2 First Look

The normally lovable anthromorphic raccoon attempts child murder in this first look at Jeph Loeb's Nova #2.

Closer look at Playstation Dualshock4 Controller, Old Controllers Won't Be Compatible

Not much for the new Playstation DualShock4 controller and hoping to just use your old controller? Well, too bad.

Skyrim: Redguard DLC

Making the case for the next Skyrim DLC.

Irrational Fanboy Reacts To DC’s Justice League Of America Mississippi Variant Cover

Just what is DC saying about Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Cat Woman, and Vibe?

Vanquish Your Enemies in New Rob Liefeld Contest

Rob Liefeld is running a contest where he will draw your Extreme Comics stories and publish them in an upcoming comic.

Arrow Annotations - "Dodger"

A look at the easter eggs and comic book references from last night's episode.

So, What Did we learn from Sony about the PS4 Today?

After sorting through all the gabbing and promos, what did we really learn today about the PS4? (Updated)

Sony Playstation Meeting - Where was Bethesda?

With the amount I cover Skyrim, I've received a few questions on Bethesda and their absence at the event.

Sony Playstation Livestream

Playstation 4 announcement? + more

100,000 Dolphins Flee San Diego Area, Call Comic Con "Too Hollywood"

What is being called a super-mega-pod of dolphins has been seen fleeing the San Diego area, in what is assumed to be a response to the commercialization of Comic Con International.

Here's What Valiant is Scheduled to do at Emerald City Comic-Con

Valiant is headed to Seattle for Emerald City Comic-Con. Are you?

Superman Gets Underwear Back in Supergirl 17, Character Still Sucks

The super-panties mysteriously appear in this page from Supergirl #17, indicating someone finally found a way to clean indestructible skid marks out of Kryptonian fabric.

New Green Lantern Teams and Series Announced

New creative teams for four existing series were announced.

Star Trek Into Darkness Motion Poster + Preview Video

A short first-look video for the new Star Trek movie and the new 'motion poster' (warning: sound)

X-Men vs. Sentinels in All New X-Men #9 Preview

The time-displaced X-Men face off against sentinels on the streets of New York City in this first look at All New X-Men #9!