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Chloe Bennet Joins S.H.I.E.L.D.

Bennet is the final regular castmember for Marvel's upcoming television show.

So Does DC Hold the Rights to the Spirit Archives or Not?

Following the confirmation that DC no longer has the rights to publish new Spirit stories, the status of Eisner reprints has become even more confusing...

New Green Lantern: The Animated Series Promo

Given it's been awhile, a new trailer for what to expect on Green Lantern: The Animated Series has shown up.

Keith Giffen Talks "Threshold" and Captain K'Rot

Giffen pays tongue-in-cheek homage to Captain Carrot

Superior Spider-Man Terrorizes Barack Obama

A new image depicts the new Marvel character attacking the president.

Hugh Jackman to Reprise Wolverine Role in X-Men: First Class: Days of Future Past

The movie will be turned into a musical to incorporate Jackman's singing and dancing skills.

Shelly Bond Named Executive Editor of Vertigo

Bond will be replacing the departing Karen Berger.

All New Firefly Returns to TV in January!

The moment Firefly fans have been waiting ages for has finally arrived! We've got the trailer!!!

In Response to Amazing Spider-Man #700 Spoilers, Eagle Steals Human Baby

The diabolical bird is rumored to have not cared for One More Day or Sins Past either.

And So It Begins... Game of Thrones to Get Longer Episodes in Season 3

The popular HBO fantasy and incest drama will feature multiple extended episodes in the upcoming season.

Gaiking Gets New Allies

It looks like the Gaiking project is still alive, Pacific Rim may not be the only source of mecha action.

Will CM Punk Write Punisher for Marvel?!

CM Punk is pitching story ideas to write a comic book, possibly starring The Punisher.

DC Confirms Loss of Rights to The Spirit, Doc Savage, Other Heroes No One Wants to Read About

It has been suspected since DC cancelled its First Wave line of comics a few years ago, but Dan Didio has confirmed that DC no longer holds the rights to these pulp heroes.

Gerard Way's Fabulous Killjoys Launches in June 2013 at Dark Horse

The Umbrella Academy creator's sci-fi epic will be published next year!

Comic Industrialist of the Year Award Nominee: Wolverine

Another nominee for the most prestigious award ever to be handed out on the Internet.

DC Caves to Nonexistent Pressure, Tones Down Violence in Comics

In response to a lack of complaints about the violence in their comic books, DC Comics is rumored to be vowing to clean up their act.

Moment of the Year- 2012

There have been many epic comic moments sprinkled across this year. Which one will rule, MOMENT OF THE YEAR?!