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Iron Man to do Battle with Thighmaster in Age of Ultron

Despite an attempt to cover it up by adding molded muscles to the Iron Man suit, Tony Stark has added at least 25 pounds per thigh in the latest Age of Ultron teaser.

Gene Luen Yang's Next Graphic Novel Will Actually Be Two Graphic Novels

The American Born Chinese creator's next effort, entitled Boxers & Saints, is due out from First Second this fall!

New GI Joe: Retaliation Clip

Want some ninja on ninja action? Well this clip from GI Joe: Retaliation will feed that need.

Will Ann Coulter Submit or Perish in Age of Ultron?

A new teaser for Marvel's Age of Ultron event features conservative pundit Ann Coulter in her first comic book appearance.

Frank Darabount Talks About Godzilla Rewrite

The former The Walking Dead show-runner talks on what he's doing to the script for the Legendary Pictures Godzilla movie.

VIBE Gets A New Role In The DC Universe

Vibe takes on his new task guarding the gateway to the DC multiverse

Blogger Threatens Violence in Response to ABC's Cancellation of Don't Trust the B**** in Apartment 23

Shocking and disturbing comments marked the response of one blogger and fan of the recently canceled sitcom.

Dragon-Con Co-Founder Is An (Alleged) Pederast

Before you boycott Dragon-Con, take note that he hasn't been involved in the show since 2000.

Pilot Ordered: The Sixth Gun

NBC has ordered a pilot based on Oni Press’ "The Sixth Gun" comic book.

Dredd Tops DVD/Blu Ray Sales

The verdict is in, but just how well did DREDD do in DVD/Blu Ray sales?

Marvel Ups Digital Ante, Includes Digital Download Codes with Marvel NOW! Hardcovers

Alright, we have to admit, this is pretty cool. Marvel will offer digital downloads for free with all Marvel NOW! Premiere Hardcovers!

Submit or Perish: Who Will Return from Age of Ultron?

A new Marvel teaser series hints that not everyone will make it out of Age of Ultron alive. The first two teasers show Red Hulk and Black Widow.

Elder Scrolls Online - Alliance Cinematic Trailer & Beta Signup

Zenimax released a new trailer for their MMO: Elder Scrolls Online and also hit fans with the beta sign up today.

Michael Berryman Returns in Nova First Look from Marvel

The actor makes a late career comeback reprising his role as a high school principle in Marvel's new Nova ongoing.

Man Of Steel News: Superman's Gal Pal, Jenny Olsen?

Could the classic Superman supporting character be gender-swapped in the upcoming 'Man Of Steel' movie?

All signs point to yes, say hello to Jenny Olsen!