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SDCC: Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Confirmed

The movie was confirmed during SDCC's Iron Man 3 panel.

SDCC 2012 Avengers Vs X-Men Panel

The San Diego Comic-con 2012 Avengers Vs. X-Men (AVX) Panel was light on news, preferring rather to provide an update and Q&A about Marvel's current event.

Catwoman DC Nation Short Revealed

Here's a video of an interesting take on Catwoman.

SDCC 2012 Iron Man 3 Armor Revealed

Fans attending San Diego Comic-Con were able to see Tony Stark's new  arrmor for the upcoming Iron Man 3 movie at the Marvel booth.

SDCC: Hasbro/Marvel Panel

Hasbro showcases the future Marvel lines of Universe, Legends, and more at it's SDCC panel!

Green Lantern Corps #11 Preview

"Alone Against the Alpha Lanterns"

SDCC:Image Skybound Panel

Here's some highlights from Image's Skybound Panel, the imprint run by Hollywood tycoon Robert Kirkman.

SDCC: The Phoenix Five Arrives in Avengers Alliance

The popular Facebook game will be getting some new costumes.

SDCC: Once Upon a Time Adds Captain Hook and Jack (of Beanstalk Fame)

A couple of big character announcements out of the Once Upon a Time panel at San Diego Comic Con, plus other highlights!

SDCC: The Image Comics Experience Panel

Check out the bevy of new titles announced by Image at SDCC.

SDCC: Deadpool: The Game Trailer

Here's the trailer for Deadpool: The Game.