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SDCC: CBR Fears Outhouse, Won't Let Us On Yacht

Not only did ComicBookResources scrub all traces of an Outhouse link from their forums today, but they never let our reporters on their yacht at Comic Con either.

SDCC: Jane Espenson's Husbands Panel

Jane's SDCC panel, "Espenson: An Anagram for Openness," revealed an exciting roster of Season Two guest stars.

SDCC: How will Dan Slott Shatter the Internet in Amazing Spider-Man #700?

Dan Slott has promised big things in Amazing Spider-Man #700. What will they be?

SDCC: Minimum Carnage Details Revealed!

Details were revealed about Minimum Carnage at the Amazing Spider-Man panel at San Diego Comic Con today!

SDCC: Women of Marvel Panel

Marvel held a "Women of Marvel Panel" at San Diego Comic-con in (must... resist... kitchen... joke) Room 5. The panel was about the women in Marvel, both characters and real life (they...

SDCC: Greg Rucka Leaves Punisher After Punisher: War Zone

The Punisher War Zone mini will be the final Punisher story arc for Greg Rucka, as announced at the Spider-Man panel at San Diego Comic Con today.

SDCC: DC Meet the Publishers Panel

Two of comics most notorious figures, Jim Lee and Dan Didio, held court with fans at San Diego Comic Con.

SDCC: - The Unofficial Summer of Valiant Panel

What comes after the Summer of Valiant? The Fall of Valiant, of course!

SDCC: Scott Lobdell Calls His Writing Sad and Depressing

At the DC Comics: Young Justice panel at San Diego Comic Con, DC star writer Scott Lobdell came clean about his disappointing writing in the DCnU.

SDCC: Nobody Shows Up for the Hobbit Panel

Has Peter Jackson gotten in on the snark? He posted on his Facebook yesterday wondering where were all the people for his 11:30 pm Hobbit Panel.

SDCC: Thomas Jane Is *REDACTED!*


SDCC: Lobdell Shocker - Tim Drake Was Never Robin in the DCnU

Some juicy DCnU news out of the DC: Young Justice panel at San Diego Comic Con today!

SDCC: IDW and Billy Martin to Publish Vitriol the Hunter

A new monster mash-up comic was annoucned at San Diego Comic Today from IDW and Billy Martin.

SDCC: Outhouse Pirate Podcast: Comic-Con Special

Come join the fun as wel talk all things from Comic-Con tonight 09:30 PM EDT

SDCC 2012: Saturday Round-Up

Your one stop location for all the news that came out Saturday, day one of San Diego Comic-Con 2012.