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Bronies: Build And Play In Ponyville On-The-Go!

The My Little Pony game is now available for iOS and Android!

New JLA Variants Show Off Junior Intern's Photoshop Skills

If the Eisners ever give out an award for most proficient use of the skew and distort tools, these variants are a shoe-in!

Mark Wahlberg Talks To Robots: No, I'm Not Kidding

Congrats SNL, your next skit just wrote itself. Send all Thank You cards directly to Michael Bay.

Cincinnati To Replace All Football Players With Batmen This Sunday

Finally, something good will happen at Paul Brown Stadium this season.

Marvel Shocker – Uncanny Avengers, um, #3 Delayed!

At this rate Kick-Ass 3 and Image United will be finished before the first arc.

Fourteen Year Old Boy Thrilled about New Constantine Series

The adolescent youth is thrilled that his mother will finally let him have Constantine comics in his room.

Zack Snyder Says Hell No to Directing Star Wars

Not that anyone asked him to. But if they did, he won't do it.

Darth Didio Speaks on Hellblazer Cancellation

DC's glorious leader Dan Didio speaks out on the cancellation of Vertigo's Hellblazer, which has had fanboys' panties in a bunch since yesterday.

World War Z Trailer Is Here

Trailer for the upcoming movie based on the popular Max Brooks novel.

All You Need Is Kill First Set Photo

See Tom Cruise run in this image from the upcoming science fiction movie.

Pixar Star Michael Arndt Has Written Star Wars Episode 7 Treatment, May Write Screenplay

Michael Arndt, who wrote Toy Story 3, has written a nearly fifty page treatment for Star Wars: Episode 7 and may end up writing the script.

Buy Some Comic Book Art and Help the Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

Check out these eBay auctions and help the victims of Hurricane Sandy!

Check Out Marc Silvestri's Variant for Invincible #100, in Which, Spoiler Alert, Someone Will Die

Silvestri revealed the cover on his facebook page, and we've helpfully downloaded it and posted it here for you!

My Little Pony Breaks 100,000 Orders, Gets Second Printing

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #1 has sold 100,000 copies and will be heading back to press.

Jimmy Smits Doesn't Know He's Dead in Star Wars, Wants to Reprise Role

Despite being blown up with the entire planet of Alderaan in Star Wars: Episode 4, Jimmy Smits is willing to reprise his role as Princess Leia's adoptive father Bail Organa in Episode 7.

Fabian Nicieza Writes Batwing - Might Be News

Newsarama announced that Fabian Nicieza will take over as Batwing writer, which might be news, but we're not sure, since no one gives a crap about Batwing.

Top Shelf Announces August Moon and Upside Down: A Vampire Tale!

Two new releases for younger readers, plus some new printings of modern classics!