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Blue Jackets Clinch Playoff Seed, Outhouse Editor Abuses Powers to Celebrate

Screw comics, a hockey team from Ohio made the Stanley Cup Playoffs!

David Goyer is Making an FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics (FBPFBP) Movie

The comic formerly known as Collider is getting a film adaptation produced by Dark Knight scribe David Goyer.

All New “New Suicide Squad” To Launch In July

DC promises that the “New Suicide Squad” is so good they want it out NOW!

Marvel Loses More Viewers As Agents Of SHIELD Spoils Captain America 2

Excuse me, Marvel, for not being able to make it to a theater within four days of a movie’s release. Dicks.

R.I.P. The Ultimate Warrior (1959-2014)

The wrestling world is in shock as one of its greatest legends has passed away suddenly at the age of 54.

New 'TMNT' Poster Showcases the Weapons

A very pro-weapons poster is probably also the best pro-Bay you'll have Zechs say about this film.

Desperate NBC Turns to Internet to Create Next TV Show

The network is holding some kind of contest where people on the internet give them ideas for TV shows.

“Future's End” Spoilers Funny To Frank!

Frank miss DC funny book ever since they take Kyle Baker’s “Plastic Man” away from Frank.

Oni Press Pulls an OKCupid, Protests Uline Support of Anti-Gay Legislation

The company will no longer be purchasing boxes from Uline, both showing their support of gay marriage and saving one billion dollars in exorbitant shipping costs.

Matt Fraction Reveals Outrageous Nepotism Problem in Comics Industry

The writer got his six year old son a job writing Adventure Time comics for BOOM! Studios.

Game of Thrones Narrowly Avoids Cancellation, Gets Two Season Renewal

Despite pretty unimpressive numbers, HBO picked up the show for two more seasons.

Marvel Characters Prepare For Infinity 2.0

No, not a comic (at least not yet)...

Amazons Attack Writer to Helm Teen Titans Relaunch

A Teen Titans Reboot. A Deadly Bee Weapon... Bees. My God.

Lena Dunham Trashes Fast Food Restaurant in GIRLS Season 3 Sneak Peak

The topless Dunham pushes computers on the floor and then guzzles soft serve in the wild Season 3 preview!