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Aspen Buys Big Dog Ink; Cumming For Zenescope Next?

JUDE: RU, you misspelled…
RU: What?
JUDE: Never mind

Asbury Park Comic Con Moves to Seacaucus, Becomes East Coast Comic Con

Attendees will now have to drive twenty minutes to purchase cocaine and heroin.

Power Hungry James Gunn Delivers Guardians of the Galaxy Ultimatum

The director refuses to include Carl Douglas's Kung Fu Fighting on the soundtrack to the sequel.

Wonder Woman Movie To Use New Origin In Movie…What, What? There's a NEW Origin?

“I just assumed she was still some sort of dominatrix made from clay. Basically, every fanboys dream golem.” ~ sdsichero

Outhousers’ Reporters Fight To The Death Over Deadspin Article.

On one hand, this is this week’s Best Thing Ever!
On the other, it's Randy Orton.

Want to Turn the Most Special Moment of Your Life into a Public Spectacle for Comic Book Nerds?

The Wedding Bomb has the solution for you: get married at Stan Lee's Comikaze!

BREAKING: Marvel Plans on Adapting "Civil War" Story in Captain America 3, Make Robert Downey Jr. Worse Than Satan

Downey is allegedly close to signing a deal to appear as the villain of Captain America 3.

Report: Keanu Reeves Too Sophisticated an Actor to Play Doctor Strange Says Keanu Reeves

In a recent interview, Reeves addressed fan demands that he play the Sorcerer Supreme, saying he's unsure the material would be at his level.

Walking Dead Premiere Beats Previous Records, Talking Dead Beats Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Another blow to the Marvel TV show's self-esteem as a show discussing The Walking Dead smashes SHIELD in the ratings.

This Can't Be !@#$ing Real: Now Marvel Teasing New Civil War for 2015

Following up on the rehashing of Secret Wars announced at New York Comic Con, Marvel is teasing a rehashing of 2005's Civil War for next year.

Kirby Settlement to Be Paid Entirely in Unsold Copies of Amazing Spider-Man #1

A loophole in the legal agreement allows Marvel to pay the Kirby family in mint and near mint copies of the recent Amazing Spider-Man relaunch.

Report: Dave Batista To Play Henchman In Next James Bond Film.

Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Batista has reportedly been cast as the henchman du jour for the 24th film in the James Bond series.

NYCC: Silk & Spider-Gwen Nab Ongoings

Spinning out of Spider-Verse; two recently introduced characters will be getting their own ongoings.