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Marvel Shocker: Dead Wolverine to Appear in The Wolverines #1 (SPOILERS)

You didn't think a little thing like death was gonna stop Ol' Wolvie from appearing in comic books, did you?

Star Wars Episode VII Concept Art Leak?

Real or Jedi mind trick? **Possible Spoilers**

Planet Hulk is the Latest Marvel Summer 2015 Event Teaser

Another day, another rehashed event teaser from the House of [Old] Ideas.

TRAILER: Ron Howard and Chris Hemsworth Team Up Again For In The Heart Of The Sea.

Ron Howard and Chris Hemsworth reunite to tell real-life inspiration for Herman Melville's Moby Dick.

First Look at Darth Vader on 'Star Wars: Rebels'

We know ABC will be re-airing the pilot episode of the series. Well now here's our first look at our favorite Sith Lord showing up in it.

Is BOOM! Studios' New Justin Jordan Comic "Deep State" a False Flag Operation?!

The book tells a story about conspiracy theories... OR DOES IT?!

Arrow Annotations: S3E02 - "Sara"

A look back at the comic references and Easter eggs from last night's episode.

Warner Bros to Cut Costs by 100 Billion Dollars Over Next 500 Years

The company announced plans to reduce costs by $200 million annually.

Warner Bros. To Continue Milking Harry Potter Cash Cow With Trilogy Based On Hogwarts' Textbook Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.

First film in new trilogy of film set in the Harry Potter universe to be released in 2016, with J.K. Rowling as screenwriter.

Say No to Five Dollar Comics: Five Comics to Buy For Less Than Five Bucks on October 15, 2014

Spoiler alert for the $4.99 Death of Wolverine #4 - Wolverine dies. There, now you don't have to buy it!

Marvel Now Teasing "Years of Future Past" as Blockbuster Event Machine Spins Out of Control!

The never-ending event cycle will lead to the end of the world as we know it! (and we feel fine)

WB Formally Announces DC Slate of Films

Among the big surprises: a two part Justice League movie and a Suicide Squad film.

Outhouse Hopes to Exploit Wolverine's Death, Inevitable Return with ""

The snarky news site has created an easy to use resource to track Wolverine's status among the dead.