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RUMOR: Dr. Strange to Appear in Thor 2: The Dark World?

The Sorcerer Surpreme might have an extended role in the new Thor movie.

Scott Lobdell Demands Payola From Newsarama (Not Really)

The writer of 1/3 of DC's books believes that major comic book sites should give him fluff reviews in exchange for interviews.

Images from the Venture Brothers Halloween Special And Season 5 News!

Five images from the Venture Brothers: Halloween Special to air this year and the latest update on Season Five!!

Now the CW Wants to Take a Shot at Putting Wonder Woman on TV

The network has lassoed former Wonder Woman writer Allan Heinberg to write up a pilot.

Valiant Teaser: Wrath of the Eternal Warrior

Valiant promises that more info will be forthcoming at this weekend's Baltimore Comic-Con!

Still Bitter About Imaginary Super Soldier, Nazis Plan to Thwart Avengers Box Set Release

A German "suitcase" company has delayed the release of the Marvel Phase One box set due to concerns over the packaging.

Marvel Intern Spills Tomato Juice on Artwork, Ruins Teaser

Marvel released a new Marvel NOW! teaser today advertising Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker on a title related to the word SURVIVE.

DC Discussing "Before Phantom Stranger" Series

The series will focus on a supporting character of the Phantom Stranger worshipped by millions around the globe.

RU’s Views: Wizard World Ohio Needs Slave Labor…What The F*CK!?

I think I have enough comp time to go and volunteer at Wizard World will cost how much to do what now?!

Cyclops So Evil, Now a DC Villain (Dark Knight Returns Spoilers)

In this spoiler from DC's animated adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns, we see what Scott Summers will be up to after Avengers vs. X-Men.

Department of Defense builds robot that can outrun Usain Bolt.

The Defense Department builds a robot that can outrun Usain Bolt. How does that make you feel, flesh monkeys?

Mattel Cancels Young Justice Two-Pack

Mattel's final two figures of their Young Justice action figure line have been canceled.

Industry Surprised by Fan Reaction to Shocking Cyclops Image in Uncanny Avengers Preview (SPOILERS)

After a preview image from Uncanny Avengers that showed Scott Summers getting a lobotomy surfaced on the net, fans immediately began requesting the procedure for themselves.

Punisher Takes Aim at Vague Marvel NOW! Teaser

The Marvel anti-hero appears to dislike the teaser for an upcoming series.

Yea, So, Nothing Skeevey About This At All, Right?

Its news like this that will affect the image most people have of fanboys - and make it worse.

Avengers Initiative Hitting App Stores Tomorrow

It's a fighting game that involves touchscreens.

About That Iron Man 3 Armor…

According to a rumor, the Iron Man 3 armor we saw at SDCC 2012 might not really be the "next" Iron Man armor.